20th ITS Biennial Conference, Rio de Janeiro 2014


This collection contains the conference papers from the

20th ITS Biennial Conference
Rio de Janeiro, 30 November - 03 December 2014

"The Net and the Internet - Emerging Markets and Policies"

Over the past three decades, telecommunications markets have undergone substantial changes due to phenomena such as the emergence of mobile telephony and its gradual convergence with fixed; but also the convergence with media and IT markets and the ongoing transition towards IP-based Internet platforms powered by broadband communications. As a result, the boundaries between these previously separated markets have blurred to such an extent that today, players originating in different economic sectors compete for the same customers along a single, integrated value chain: incumbent telcos compete with nomadic players, such as Skype or Google, and with emerging cloud providers; at the same time, application providers are eroding the revenues of upstream players such as broadcasters and content owners.

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2014 Competition and market strategies in the Swiss fixed telephony marketBalmer, Roberto E.
2014 One goal, many paths: Policy proposals for universal access to broadband in BrazilGomes, André Moura; Cordeiro, Pedro Antero Braga; Araújo, Pedro Lucas da Cruz Pereira
2014 A Hitchiker 's guide to digital social innovationAnania, Loretta; Passani, Antonella
2014 Will asset-sharing improve wireless communications performance?Clarke, Richard N.
2014 Internet Governance The internet balkanization fragmentationAlves, Sérgio
2014 Analysis on switching cost versus bundling price under consumer adoption for choosing smart TV over pay TVHong, Ahreum; Yu, Eun; Hwang, Junseok
2014 Network neutrality: Insights gained by juxtaposing the US and KoreaShin, Dong-Hee; Lee, Jaegil; Kim, Nam Cheol; Jung, Jaeyoel
2014 Deployment strategies for FTTH networks and their impact on the business case: A comparison of case studiesDomingo, Albert; Van der Wee, Marlies; Verbrugge, Sofie; Oliver, Miquel
2014 Innovation in European telecommunication regulation: The diffusion of regulatory remediesKlein, Gordon; Wendel, Julia
2014 Deregulating fixed voice services? Empirical evidence from the European UnionLange, Mirjam R. J.; Šaric, Amela
2014 Private-public partnerships for expanding broadband access: Lessons from the Cinturão Digital do Ceará Network in BrazilCarvalho, Fernando; Feferman, Flavio; Knight, Peter; Woroch, Glenn
2014 Net bias and the treatment of 'Mission-Critical' bitsFrieden, Rob
2014 Historical mutilation: How misuse of 'public utility and 'natural monopoly' misdirects US telecommunications policy developmentCherry, Barbara A.
2014 Shedding light on net neutrality: The Brazilian caseWohlers, Marcio; Giansante, Moacir; Bordeaux-Rego, Antonio Carlos; Foditsch, Nathalia
2014 Disruptive competition vs. single standard: The role of risk-averse investors in the decline of the European computer and handset industriesWeber, Arnd
2014 Comparison in Europe of telco value evolution during 'bubbles': Dotcom 2000 vs. Dotcom 2012Herrera-González, Fernando
2014 Safety in numbers? The effect of network competition on cybersecurityGideon, Carolyn; Hogendorn, Christiaan
2014 The index construction of cross-media concentration in the digital era: A comparative studyTseng, Kuo-Feng
2014 Can measures of broadband infrastructure improve predictions of economic growth?Mayer, Walter J.; Madden, Gary; Dang, Xin
2014 Effects of transaction and switching costs on mobile market performanceBasaure, Arturo; Suomi, Henna; Hämmäinen, Heikki
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 70
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