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DateTitle Authors
14-Apr-2014 Stability and Identification with Optimal Macroprudential Policy RulesChatelain, Jean-Bernard / Ralf, Kirsten
11-Apr-2014 Trust and Identity in a Small, Post-Socialist, Post-Crisis SocietyBjornskov, Christian / Bogetic, Zeljko / Hillman, Arye / Popovic, Milenko
31-Mar-2014 Macroprudential Regulation and the Role of Monetary PolicyTayler, William / Zilberman, Roy
4-Mar-2014 Stop Waiting Problem: Decision Rule with Ψ function and Application with Share PricesKohn, Wolfgang
Mar-2014 European Monetary Policy in the Heterogeneous Currency Area and the Open Question of ConvergenceAfflatet, Nicolas
13-Feb-2014 NGOs, from the Promotion of Civic Participation to Public Problems SolvingGolmohammadpoor Azar, Kamran / Banae Babazadeh, Amin
3-Feb-2014 The Political Economy of FDI flows into Developing Countries: Does the depth of International Trade Agreements Matter?Rana, Arslan Tariq / Kebewar, Mazen
Feb-2014 Institutional Rearing Is Associated with Lower General Life Satisfaction in AdulthoodRichter, David / Lemola, Sakari
30-Jan-2014 Personnel Economics essay: Issues in Human Capital Theory, training and earnings of workersJosheski, Dushko
30-Jan-2014 Еconomic theory and the New-Keynesian schoolJosheski, Dushko / Magdinceva-Sopova, Marija
Jan-2014 The political Kuznets curve for Russia: Income inequality, rent seeking regional elites and empirical determinants of protests during 2011/2012Hagemann, Harald / Kufenko, Vadim
2014 Capitalist dynamics fictional expectations and the openness of the futureBeckert, Jens
2014 Pathways of transnational activism: A conceptual frameworkZajak, Sabrina
2014 Wie der Europäische Gerichtshof und die Kommission Liberalisierung durchsetzen: Befunde aus der MPIfG-Forschungsgruppe zur Politischen Ökonomie der europäischen IntegrationHöpner, Martin
2014 The impact of R&D subsidies during the crisisHud, Martin / Hussinger, Katrin
2014 Zur Effizienz der ehe- und familienbezogenen Leistungen in Deutschland im Hinblick auf soziale Sicherungs- und BeschäftigungszieleBonin, Holger / Schnabel, Reinhold / Stichnoth, Holger
2014 Patents as quality signals? The implications for financing constraints on R&DCzarnitzki, Dirk / Hall, Bronwyn H. / Hottenrott, Hanna
2014 Skill formation, career planning, and transitions: The last two years in a German lower track secondary schoolFitzenberger, Bernd / Licklederer, Stefanie
2014 Beyond national economy-wide rebound effects: An applied general equilibrium analysis incorporating international spillover effectsKoesler, Simon / Swales, Kim / Turner, Karen
2014 The role of education and household composition for transitory and permanent income inequality: Evidence from PSID dataLudwig, Johannes
2014 Does regional training supply determine employees' training participation?Görlitz, Katja / Rzepka, Sylvi
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