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RePEc – Research Papers in Economics

For research institutes from Germany EconStor offers the option of entering title data for entire series and journals into the RePEc database (http://repec.org/) free of charge. Institutions currently participating in this service you will find here: http://ideas.repec.org/s/zbw/.
RePEc contains more than one million records and is one the world’s largest freely accessible databases in economics. RePEc offers numerous services that have made it the main entry point for searches for working papers, articles and conference proceedings. Entering a working paper series into the RePEc database offers several advantages for individual papers as well as for the entire series or journal:

Economists Online

Economists Online (http://www.economistsonline.org) is an Open Access Portal of leading economic research institutions, including the London School of Economics (LSE), Sciences Po and the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW). Economists Online bundles the publication output of participating researchers in a joint portal. The portal offers a search interface as well as browsing functions for researchers’ complete publications lists. The key objective of Economists Online is to make the entire publications output of participating institutions available according to the principles of Open Access and within the framework of existing copyright regulations.
Economists Online results from the project "NEEO – Network of European Economists Online" which was funded for 30 months by the European Union through its eContentplus programme. The portal is maintained by the library network NEREUS.

Further information: http://www.nereus4economics.info/

Leibniz Open Access Repository

Publications of Leibniz Association institutions with a focus on economics will be integrated into the "Leibniz Open Access Repository" currently under construction. The objective of the Leibniz Repository is to give a central access to freely available electronic publications of Leibniz researchers by documenting all Open Access publications across all disciplines. It will therefore represent the entire spectrum of research topics within the Leibniz Association.

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