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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2023 Is There an Ethnic Pay Gap in Germany? Evidence from a Representative Sample of the Adult PopulationAyaita, Adam
2023 Aktuelle Bewertung von Bonitätsrisiken bei deutschen Immobilien-UnternehmenDaube, Carl Heinz; Krivenkov, Vladislav
2023 Grenzgestaltung und Erholungsförderung in digitalen Arbeitswelten: Herausforderungen und Strategien für Beschäftigte und UnternehmenReinke, Kathrin; Schmeink, Claudia; Schmitz, Bernhard; Schneider, Katharina
2023 The macroeconomic effects of global supply chain disruptionsFinck, David; Tillmann, Peter
2023 Shades of a socialist legacy? Innovation activity in East and West Germany 1877-2014Fritsch, Michael; Greve, Maria; Wyrwich, Michael
2023 Narrative persuasionBarron, Kai; Fries, Tilman
2023 The future of mobility: Winners and losers and new options in the public spaceCanzler, Weert; Knie, Andreas
2023 The fundamental value of art NFTsFridgen, Gilbert; Kräussl, Roman; Papageorgiou, Orestis; Tugnetti, Alessandro
2023 How Interest Rates Redistribute IncomeFix, Blair
2023 Interest Rates and Unemployment: An Underwhelming RelationFix, Blair
2023 Unemployment and the Maturity of CapitalismFix, Blair
2023 Closed-end funds and discount control mechanismsKräussl, Roman; Pollet, Joshua M.; Stefanova, Denitsa
2023 Towards a design-based approach to accounting researchLeuz, Christian
2023 Patterns of global and regional value chain participation in the EACKrantz, Sebastian
2023 Does speculative news hurt productivity? Evidence from takeover rumorsAndres, Christian; Bazhutov, Dmitry; Cumming, Douglas J.; Limbach, Peter
2023 The performance of marketplace lendersKräussl, Roman; Kräussl, Zsofia; Pollet, Joshua M.; Rinne, Kalle
2023 Immigrant entrepreneurship in Europe: a comparative empirical approachRinaldi, Riccardo; Arrighetti, Alessandro; Lasagni, Andrea; Canello, Jacopo
2023 Cost of Capital - challenges for companies in current economic environmentDaube, Carl Heinz
2023 Transparency and policy competition: Experimental evidence from German citizens and politiciansBlesse, Sebastian; Lergetporer, Philipp; Nover, Justus; Werner, Katharina
2023 Can social comparisons and moral appeals increase public transport ridership and decrease car use?Gessner, Johannes; Habla, Wolfgang; Wagner, Ulrich J.