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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Health, Cognition and Work Capacity Beyond the Age of 50Vandenberghe, Vincent
2019 International trade, development traps, and the core-periphery structure of income inequalityHartmann, Dominik; Bezerra, Mayra; Lodolo, Beatrice; Pinheiro, Flávio L.
2019 Identifying cooperation for innovation: A comparison of data sourcesFritsch, Michael; Piontek, Matthias; Titze, Mirko
2019 An evaluation of early warning models for systemic banking crises: Does machine learning improve predictions?Beutel, Johannes; List, Sophia; von Schweinitz, Gregor
2019 The Post-Crisis Phillips Curve: A New Empirical Relationship between Wage and InflationVoinea, Liviu
2019 Inequality and Welfare Dynamics in the Russian Federation during 1994-2015Dang, Hai-Anh H.; Lokshin, Michael M.; Abanokova, Kseniya; Bussolo, Maurizio
2019 Extra costs of integrity: Pharmacy markups and generic substitution in FinlandIzhak, Olena
2019 Measuring the Statistical Capacity of NationsCameron, Grant J.; Dang, Hai-Anh H.; Dinc, Mustafa; Foster, James; Lokshin, Michael M.
2019 Are labor unions important for business cycle fluctuations: lessons from Bulgaria (1999-2016)Vasilev, Aleksandar
2019 The joint impact of improved maize seeds on productivity and efficiency: Implications for policyAbro, Zewdu Ayalew; Legesse Debela, Bethelhem; Kassie, Menale
2019 The World at the Crossroad. Demographic Polarization and Mass Migration. Global threat or global opportunityBruni, Michele
2019 The Belt and Road Initiative. Demographic trends, labour markets and welfare systems of member countriesBruni, Michele
2019 Valuing water services: A review of what water pricing and demand management would mean for Nairobi cityOtieno, James Origa
2019 The unprotecting effects of employment protection: the impact of the 2001 labor reform in PeruJaramillo, Miguel
2019 What determines the elasticity of substitution between capital and labor? A literature reviewKnoblach, Michael; Stöckl, Fabian
2019 AGMEMOD outlook for agricultural and food markets in EU member states 2018-2030Salamon, Petra; Banse, Martin; Donnellan, Trevor; Haß, Marlen; Jongeneel, Roelof A.; Laquai, Verena; van Leeuwen, Myrna; Reziti, Ioanna; Salputra, Guna; Zirngibl, Max-Emanuel
2019 Erreichbarkeit von Kindergärten in Deutschland: Kennzahlen und KartenNeumeier, Stefan
2019 Viability of cork-enriched feed in trout farming: An agri benchmark fish study on innovative aquaculture techniquesBehrens, Gesine Maren; Lasner, Tobias; Brinker, Alexander; Schumann, Mark
2019 The landscape of corporate venturing in Germany: Insights on corporate venture capitals and corporate acceleratorsHaslanger, Patrick
2019 The development of the German labour market after World War IIHerr, Hansjörg; Ruoff, Bea