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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 The determinants of corporate governance disclosure level in the integrated reporting context
Vitolla, Filippo; Raimo, Nicola; Rubino, Michele
2020 Alcohol availability and alcohol-attributable mortality: Economic implications following a change in sales policyStoppel, Relika
2020 Karl Helfferich and Rudolf Hilferding on Georg Friedrich Knapp’s State Theory of Money: Monetary Theories during the Hyperinflation of 1923Greitens, Jan
2020 Human development: a key driver of socioeconomic development in EUTudorache, Maria-Daniela
2020 Examining the Drivers of Human Development in European UnionTudorache, Maria-Daniela
2019 The Aging-Inflation Puzzle: on the Interplay between Aging, Inflation and Pension SystemsSemedo Leite, Duarte Nuno; Härtl, Klaus
2019 Shared Capacity and Levelized Cost with Application to Power-to-Gas TechnologyGlenk, Gunther
2019 Engines of Sectoral Labor Productivity GrowthBarany, Zsofia; Siegel, Christian
2019 "The mother of all political problems''? On asylum seekers and elections in GermanyTomberg, Lukas; Smith Stegen, Karen; Vance, Colin
2019 How Informative is High-Frequency data for Tail Risk Estimation and Forecasting?Halbleib, Roxana; Dimitriadis, Timo
2019 Profit Taxation and Bank Risk TakingKogler, Michael
2019 Attractiveness and efficiency of European universities as hosts for Marie Curie grant holdersFalk, Martin; Hagsten, Eva
2019 Which Factors Determine the Utilization of Preferential Tariff Rates?Lukaszuk, Piotr; Legge, Stefan
2019 Excessive TargetingKarle, Heiko
2019 Old-Age Poverty: The Household PerspectiveFinkler, Sebastian
2019 Unemployment and Social ExclusionPohlan, Laura
2019 Time-Inconsistent Generosity: Present Bias across Individual and Social ContextsKölle, Felix; Wenner, Lukas
2019 Subsidising Renewables but Taxing Storage? Second-Best Policies with Imperfect Carbon PricingHelm, Carsten; Mier, Mathias
2019 Vertical Contracting with Endogenous Market StructurePagnozzi, Marco; Piccolo, Salvatore; Reisinger, Markus
2019 Public expenditure, policy coordination, and regional inequalitySoretz, Susanne; Ott, Ingrid