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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 A Conceptual Framework on Entrepreneurial Team Member Exits: A Starting Point for Further ResearchGregori, Patrick; Ukobitz, Desiree V.; Parastuty, Zulaicha
2018 A Model of Self-sustaining Automatic Corporate E-learning systemBačun, Dinko; Lebarović, Nives Bačun
2018 China’s Selective Two-Child Policy and Its Impact on the Marriage MarketLu, Di
2018 Parallel Imports and Manufacturer RebatesBirg, Laura
2018 57 Channels (And Nothin On): Does TV-News on the Eurozone affect Government Bond Yield Spreads?Wolfinger, Julia; Köhler, Ekkehard A.; Feld, Lars P.; Thomas, Tobias
2018 Permit Markets, Carbon Prices and the Creation of Innovation ClustersGersbach, Hans; Riekhof, Marie-Catherine
2018 Disentangling the Information and Forward Guidance Effect of Monetary Policy Announcements on the EconomyOther, Lars
2018 Redistribution, Selection, and TradeKohl, Miriam
2018 Real exchange rate dynamics in New-Keynesian models – The Balassa-Samuelson effect revisitedBrede, Maren
2018 Distance and the Multinational Wage PremiumKreickemeier, Udo
2018 Theories, techniques and the formation of German business cycle forecasts: Evidence from a survey of professional forecastersDöpke, Jörg; Waldhof, Gabi; Fritsche, Ulrich
2018 Health and Economic Growth: Reconciling the Micro and Macro EvidenceSchünemann, Johannes; Bloom, David E.; Canning, David; Kotschy, Rainer; Prettner, Klaus
2018 Democracy and compliance in public goods gamesGallier, Carlo
2018 The Political Economy of European Asylum PoliciesDrometer, Marcus; Méango, Romuald; Burmann, Martina
2018 Shedding Light on the Spatial Diffusion of DisastersFelbermayr, Gabriel; Gröschl, Jasmin; Sanders, Mark; Schippers, Vincent; Steinwachs, Thomas
2018 The Volatility and Cyclicality of Job Flows in German Exporters and Non-ExportersLindenthal, Volker
2018 Betrayal Aversion and the Effectiveness of Incentive ContractsRau, Holger; Müller, Stephan
2018 Switching to Territorial Taxation: FDI Effects for Host-Countries of Foreign SubsidiariesHolzmann, Carolin; Büttner, Thiess
2018 Technological Progress, the Supply of Hours Worked, and the Consumption-Leisure ComplementarityIrmen, Andreas
2018 Tax Influence on Financial Structures of M&AsHarendt, Christoph