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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 What are favouring conditions for the implementation of innovative projects in Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) approaches?Pollermann, Kim; Fynn, Lynn-Livia; Schwarze, Stefan
2021 Performance of LEADER – explanatory variables for outputs of a place-based and participative approachPollermann, Kim; Fynn, Lynn-Livia
2021 How has the Self-Perceived Health Shaped the COVID-19 Causalities in the Visegrad Countries?Niftiyev, Ibrahim; Huseynova, Rena
2021 Optimal Patent Protection and Expected Utility Model: A Transition Economy ExampleNiftiyev, Ibrahim
2021 How Long-Term Contracts can Mitigate Inefficient Renegotiation Arising Due to Loss AversionGöller, Daniel
2020 Karl Helfferich and Rudolf Hilferding on Georg Friedrich Knapp’s State Theory of Money: Monetary Theories during the Hyperinflation of 1923Greitens, Jan
2020 Human development: a key driver of socioeconomic development in EUTudorache, Maria-Daniela
2020 Firm Characteristics and Corporate Governance Disclosure in Integrated ReportsRaimo, Nicola; Zito, Marianna; Caragnano, Alessandra
2020 Examining the Drivers of Human Development in European UnionTudorache, Maria-Daniela
2020 The determinants of corporate governance disclosure level in the integrated reporting contextVitolla, Filippo; Raimo, Nicola; Rubino, Michele
2020 Alcohol availability and alcohol-attributable mortality: Economic implications following a change in sales policyStoppel, Relika
2020 The De-industrialization Process In Azerbaijan: Dutch Disease Syndrome RevisitedNiftiyev, Ibrahim
2020 Artificial intelligence and operations research in maritime logisticsDornemann, Jorin; Rückert, Nicolas; Fischer, Kathrin; Taraz, Anusch
2020 Equipment selection and layout planning - Literature overview and research directionsKastner, Marvin; Kämmerling, Nicolas; Jahn, Carlos; Clausen, Uwe
2020 Framing supply chain visibility through a multi-field approachLechaptois, Lucie
2020 Supply chain planning in the food industryStüve, David; van der Meer, Robert; Lütke Entrup, Matthias; Agha, Mouhamad Shaker Ali
2020 Financing investments in a landlord portSomorowsky, Carolyn; Haasis, Hans-Dietrich
2020 State of research in arctic maritime logisticsIlin, Igior; Kersten, Wolfgang; Jahn, Carlos; Weigell, Jürgen; Levina, Anastasia; Kalyazina, Sofia
2020 Impacts of a smart factory on procurement logisticsZander, Bennet; Lange, Kerstin; Haasis, Hans-Dietrich
2020 A first step towards automated image-based container inspectionsKlöver, Steffen; Kretschmann, Lutz; Jahn, Carlos