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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 If You Think 9-Ending Prices Are Low, Think AgainSnir, Avichai; Levy, Daniel
2021 Liberal land reform in Kazakhstan? The effect on land rental and credit marketsKvartiuk, Vasyl; Petrick, Martin
2021 Promise, Trust and Betrayal: Costs of Breaching an Implicit ContractLevy, Daniel; Young, Andrew T.
2021 Driving factors of direct greenhouse gas emissions from China’s pig industry from 1976 to 2016Dai, Xiao-wen; Sun, Zhanli; Müller, Daniel
2021 Perceived Stress due to COVID-19 Pandemic Among Employed Professional TeachersOducado, Ryan Michael; Rabacal, Judith; Moralista, Rome; Tamdang, Khen
2021 Post-Soviet shifts in grazing and fire regimes changed the functional plant community composition on the Eurasian steppeFreitag, Martin; Kamp, Johannes; Dara, Andrey; Kuemmerle, Tobias; Sidorova, Tatyana V.; Stirnemann, Ingrid A.; Velbert, Frederike; Hölzel, Norbert
2021 Energy-Efficient Products and Competitiveness in the Manufacturing SectorDi Foggia, Giacomo
2021 The Great Debt Divergence and its Implications for the Covid-19 Crisis: Mapping Corporate Leverage as PowerBaines, Joseph; Hager, Sandy Brian
2021 Zwölf Jahre Zugelassener Wirtschaftsbeteiligter (AEO)Weerth, Carsten
2021 “Why villagers stay put – A structural equation model on staying intentions”Dufhues, Thomas; Möllers, Judith; Traikova, Diana; Buchenrieder, Gertrud; Runschke, David
2021 Will transaction costs and economies of scale tip the balance in farm size in industrial agriculture? An illustration for non-food biomass production in GermanyWen, Lanjiao; Chatalova, Lioudmila
2021 Assessing the current situation of the world wheat market leadership: Using the semi-parametric approachAhmed, Osama
2021 Financial Sanctions and Economic Growth: An Intervention Time-series ApproachHeydarian, Samira; Pahlavani, Mosayeb; Mirjalili, Seyed Hossein
2021 Grassland greening on the Mongolian Plateau despite higher grazing intensityMiao, Lijuan; Sun, Zhanli; Ren, Yanjun; Schierhorn, Florian; Müller, Daniel
2021 Unraveling the diversity of trajectories and drivers of global agricultural land abandonmentPrishchepov, Alexander V.; Schierhorn, Florian; Löw, Fabian
2021 Still in the shadow of the wall? The case of the Berlin biotechnology clusterAbbasiharofteh, Milad; Broekel, Tom
2021 Commodity Traders in a Storm: Financialization, Corporate Power and Ecological CrisisBaines, Joseph; Hager, Sandy Brian
2021 Central Asian rivers under climate change: Impacts assessment in eight representative catchmentsDidovets, Iulii; Lobanova, Anastasia; Krysanova, Valentina; Menz, Christoph; Babagalieva, Zhanna; Nurbatsina, Aliya; Gavrilenko, Nadejda; Khamidov, Vohid; Umirbekov, Atabek; Qodirov, Sobir; Muhyyew, Dowletgeldi; Hattermann, Fred Fokko
2021 Explanations of Institutional Change: Reflecting on a “Missing Diagonal”Gerschewski, Johannes
2021 Erosion or decay? Conceptualizing causes and mechanisms of democratic regressionGerschewski, Johannes