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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Green accounting, institutional quality and investment decisions: Macroeconomic implications from an analysis of the oil and mining sectorStöver, Jana
2016 European versus Anglo-Saxon credit view: Evidence from the eurozone sovereign debt crisisAltdörfer, Marc; de las Salas Vega, Carlos A.; Guettler, Andre; Löffler, Gunter
2016 Wettbewerb in der ambulanten onkologischen Versorgung: Analyse und ReformansätzeCoenen, Michael; Haucap, Justus; Hottenrott, Moritz
2016 Fiscal federalism, decentralization and economic growth: A meta-analysisBaskaran, Tushyanthan; Feld, Lars P.; Schnellenbach, Jan
2016 Health inequality and the uses of time for workers in Europe: Policy implicationsGimenez-Nadal, J.; Molina, Jose
2016 Absenteeism, childcare and the effectiveness of pension reformsCoda Moscarola, Flavia; Fornero, Elsa; Strøm, Steinar
2016 Maintained Individual Data Distributed Likelihood Estimation (MIDDLE)Boker, Steven M.; Brick, Timothy R.; Pritikin, Joshua N.; Yang, Wang; von Oertzen, Timo; Brown, Donald; Lach, John; Estabrook, Ryne; Hunter, Michael D.; Maes, Hermine H.; Neale, Michael C.
2016 The Paris Climate Agreement: Is it sufficient to limit climate change?Brauers, Hanna; Richter, Philipp M.
2016 Lohn- und Beschäftigungseffekte der Zuwanderung nach DeutschlandSchmieder, Julia
2016 Energy consumption and the size of the informal economyBasbay, Mustafa Metin; Elgin, Ceyhun; Torul, Orhan
2016 Passive unilateral cross-ownership and strategic trade policyFanti, Luciano; Buccella, Domenico
2016 Financial market development in host and source countries and its effects on bilateral FDIDonaubauer, Julian; Neumayer, Eric; Nunnenkamp, Peter
2016 A Network-based View of the U.S. Energy SectorArora, Vipin; Sendich, Elizabeth; Teng, Julia
2016 Inside the Crystal Ball: New Approaches to Predicting the Gasoline Price at the PumpBaumeister, Christiane; Kilian, Lutz; Lee, Thomas K.
2016 Female firm leadership. Extent and performance in 14 EU member statesTheune, Katja; Behr, Andreas
2016 State-of-the-Art of the Economics of Cyber-Security and PrivacyJentzsch, Nicola
2016 Innovationsverhalten der deutschen Wirtschaft: Indikatorenbericht zur Innovationserhebung 2015Rammer, Christian; Crass, Dirk; Doherr, Thorsten; Hud, Martin; Hünermund, Paul; Iferd, Younes; Köhler, Christian; Peters, Bettina; Schubert, Torben
2016 Strukturelle Merkmale aufgedeckter Kartelle in der EU: Eine deskriptive AnalyseSwoboda, Sandra
2016 ECB policies effective in the euro area and GermanyRieth, Malte; Piffer, Michele; Hachula, Michael
2016 ECB asset purchases may affect wealth distributionBernoth, Kerstin; König, Philipp; Beckers, Benjamin