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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 An international analysis of earnings, stock prices and bond yieldsDurré, Alain; Giot, Pierre
2005 The Political Economy of International Financial Institutions? Lending to PakistanAnwar, Mumtaz
2005 Energy and economic welfare (cost-benefit analysis of micro-hydro systems in Nepal)Gorkhali, Sanjay Prasad
2005 Price setting in the euro area: Some stylized facts from Individual Consumer Price DataDhyne, Emmanuel; Álvarez, Luis J.; Le Bihan, Hervé; Veronese, Giovanni; Dias, Daniel; Hoffmann, Johannes; Jonker, Nicole; Lünnemann, Patrick; Rumler, Fabio; Vilmunen, Jouko
2005 Flexibilität des Arbeitsmarktes: Entwicklung der Leiharbeit und regionale DisparitätenJahn, Elke J.; Wolf, Katja
2005 Projektion des Arbeitskräftebedarfs bis 2020: Nur zögerliche Besserung am deutschen ArbeitsmarktSchnur, Peter; Zika, Gerd
2005 Internationale Analyse: Günstige Streikbilanz in DeutschlandLudsteck, Johannes
2005 Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technological ChangeÁcs, Zoltán J.; Audretsch, David B.
2005 R&D and private investment: How to conserve indigenous fruit biodiversity of Southern AfricaWaibel, Hermann; Wesseler, Justus; Mithöfer, Dagmar
2005 Note from the editorVelthuis, Olav
2005 Measuring Pro-Poor Growth with Non-Income IndicatorsKlasen, Stephan; Harttgen, Kenneth; Grosse, Melanie
2005 Liberalisation of Environmental Goods & Services and Climate ChangeIturregui, Patricia; Dutschke, Michael
2005 Why virtualism paves the way to political impotence: A reply to Daniel Miller's critique of "The laws of the market"Callon, Michel
2005 Economisch belang van de Vlaamse zeehavens: verslag 2003Lagneaux, Frédéric
2005 Note from the editorVelthuis, Olav
2005 Efficient documentation and webmarketing strategies for DNAsMichaelowa, Axel; Gupta, Naman
2005 Competition Policy Works: The Effect of Competition Policy on the Intensity of Competition - An International Cross-Country ComparisonKrakowski, Michael
2005 Time-dependent versus State-dependent Pricing: A Panel Data Approach to the Determinants of Belgian Consumer Price ChangesAucremanne, Luc; Dhyne, Emmanuel
2005 Indirect effects - a formal definition and degrees of dependency as an alternative to technical coefficientsCoppens, François
2005 ICT impact on labor productivity and employment in RussiaPerminov, Sergy; Egorova, Elena