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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Philippine Population Management Program (PPMP) Expenditures, 1998 and 2000Herrin, Alejandro N.; Racelis, Rachel H.
2003 Taxing work: Some political and economic aspects of labor income taxationCusack, Thomas R.; Beramendi, Pablo
2003 Analyzing the Impact of Trade Reforms on Welfare and Income Distribution Using CGE Framework: The Case of the PhilippinesCororaton, Caesar B.
2003 Land Issues in Poverty Reduction Strategies and the Development Agenda: PhilippinesLlanto, Gilberto M.; Ballesteros, Marife M.
2003 Poverty and Access to Microfinance with Gender DimensionLamberte, Mario B.; Manlagnit, Ma. Chelo V.
2003 Tax Administration Reform: (Semi-) Autonomous Revenue Authority Anyone?Manasan, Rosario G.
2003 Analyzing the Impact of Philippine Tariff Reform on Unemployment, Distribution and Poverty Using CGE-Microsimulation ApproachCororaton, Caesar B.
2003 Financial and Monetary Cooperation in ASEANLamberte, Mario B.; Yap, Josef T.
2003 The Philippine National Innovation System: Structure and CharacteristicsPatalinghug, Epictetus
2003 Analysis of Trade Reforms, Income Inequality and Poverty Using Microsimulation Approach: The Case of the PhilippinesCororaton, Caesar B.
2003 East Asian Regional Cooperation: Approaches and ProcessesAustria, Myrna S.
2003 Political institutions and income inequality: The case of decentralizationBeramendi, Pablo
2003 Aid, Governance, and Private Foreign Investment: Some Puzzling Findings and a Possible ExplanationHarms, Philipp; Lutz, Matthias
2003 On the inadequacy of Newswire reports for empirical research on foreign exchange interventionsFischer, Andreas
2003 Optimal Cyclical Monetary Policy: Does Steady-State Inflation Matter?Reynard, Samuel
2003 Fixing Swiss Potholes: The Importance and Cyclical Nature of ImprovementsDueker, Michael; Fischer, Andreas
2003 Oil Price Shocks and Monetary Policy in an Asymmetric Monetary UnionWohltmann, Hans-Werner; Clausen, Volker
2003 Economic Integration, Wage Policies and Social PoliciesPflüger, Michael
2003 Standortqualität Norddeutschlands auf dem PrüfstandNiebuhr, Annekatrin; Stiller, Silvia
2003 Energiepolitik am ScheidewegMaichel, Gert