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2022 [Rezension] Bohnen, Wolfgang/Haase, Lena (Hrsg.): Kontrolle, Konflikt und Kooperation. Festschrift 200 Jahre Staatsanwaltschaften Koblenz und Trier (1820–2020), Beck, München 2020Gosewinkel, Dieter
2022 Gender roles and selection mechanisms across contexts: a comparative analysis of the relationship between unemployment, self‐perceived health and genderTattarini, Giulia; Grotti, Raffaele
2022 Machine learning and deep learning based methods toward industry 4.0 predictive maintenance in induction motors: State of the art surveyDrakaki, Maria; Karnavas, Yannis L.; Tziafettas, Ioannis A.; Linardos, Vasilis; Tzionas, Panagiotis
2022 Optimization strategies for the integrated management of perishable supply chains: A literature reviewMirabelli, Giovanni; Solina, Vittorio
2022 Approaches of production planning and control under industry 4.0: A literature reviewHerrmann, Jan-Phillip; Tackenberg, Sven; Padoano, Elio; Gamber, Thilo
2022 Additive manufacturing and supply chain configuration: Modelling and performance evaluationRinaldi, Marta; Caterino, Mario; Macchiaroli, Roberto
2022 Burnishing of AM materials to obtain high performance part surfacesSanguedolce, Michela; Rotella, Giovanna; Saffioti, Maria Rosaria; Filice, Luigino
2022 Special Issue: Smart manufacturing for sustainability:trends and research challengesDi Pasquale, Valentina; Franciosi, Chiara; Iannone, Raffaele; Miranda, Salvatore
2022 Which Integration Policies Work? The Heterogeneous Impact of National Institutions on Immigrants’ Labor Market Attainment in EuropePlatt, Lucinda; Polavieja, Javier; Radl, Jonas
2022 The Long Arm of an Unsupportive Work-Family Culture in Work Organizations: Crossover to the Partner’s Work-Family Balance Satisfaction in Dual-Earner CouplesBernhardt, Janine; Bünning, Mareike
2022 Terrorism and Migration: An OverviewHelbling, Marc; Meierrieks, Daniel
2022 Ethnic Differences in Context: Does Emotional Conflict Mediate the Effects of Both Team- and Individual-Level Ethnic Diversity on Emotional Strain?Kößler, Franziska J.; Fujishiro, Kaori; Veit, Susanne; Hoppe, Annekatrin
2022 Discounting Behavior in Problem GamblingRing, Patrick; Probst, Catharina C.; Neyse, Levent; Wolff, Stephan; Kaernbach, Christian; van Eimeren, Thilo; Schmidt, Ulrich
2022 Discrete event modelling for evaluation and optimisation of power utility energy demandMunsamy, Megashnee; Telukdarie, Arnesh
2022 What’s in a Buzzword? A Systematic Review of the State of Populism Research in Political ScienceHunger, Sophia; Paxton, Fred
2022 Labor Unions and American PovertyVanHeuvelen, Tom; Brady, David
2022 Support for insider parties: The role of political trust in a longitudinal-comparative perspectivePetrarca, Constanza Sanhueza; Giebler, Heiko; Weßels, Bernhard
2022 How to re-enchant workplaces and organizations? An introduction to the special issueBeltrán Martín, Inmaculada; Rodríguez Sánchez, Alma Ma; Xanthopoulou, Despoina
2022 Building resilience and performance in turbulent times: The influence of shared leadership and passion at work across levelsSalas-Vallina, Andrés; Rofcanin, Yasin; Las Heras, Mireia
2022 The role of formalization and organizational trust as antecedents of ambidexterity: An investigation on the organic agro-food industryChams-Anturi, Odette; Moreno-Luzon, Maria D.; Romano, Pietro