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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 ZEW Branchenreport Informationswirtschaft: Konjunkturelle Stimmung - Aktuelle IKT-Trends, Jahrgang 2018Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW)
2019 The structure and behavioral effects of revealed social identity preferencesHett, Florian; Kröll, Markus; Mechtel, Mario
2019 Investment, autonomous demand and long run capacity utilization: An empirical test for the Euro AreaGallo, Ettore
2019 Karl Marx: An early post-Keynesian? A comparison of Marx's economics with the contributions by Sraffa, Keynes, Kalecki and MinskyHein, Eckhard
2019 Income distribution and the multiplier: An exploration of nonlinear distribution effects in linear Kaleckian distribution and growth modelsPrante, Franz J.
2019 Determinants of real exchange rate movements in 15 emerging market economiesGoda, Thomas; Priewe, Jan
2019 Chinese regional inequality and sectoral foreign direct investmentAzarhoushang, Behzad; Wu, Jennifer Pédussel; Zaroki, Shahryar
2019 Financialization made in Germany: A reviewDetzer, Daniel
2019 Assessing systemic risk: An analysis of the German banking sectorRotermund, Sophie-Dorothee
2019 Migrant remittances: Alternative money transfer channelsMetzger, Martina; Riedler, Tim; Pédussel Wu, Jennifer
2019 Everything must change, so that the world can remain the same: In memory of the life and work of Elmar AltvaterMahnkopf, Birgit
2019 The making of Turkey's 2018-2019 economic crisisAkcay, Ümit; Güngen, Ali Riza
2019 The European economic crisis from 2007 onwards in the context of a global crisis of over-production of capital - a Marxian monetary theory of value interpretationGander, Sascha
2019 Dynamic facility location problem with modular capacity adjustments under uncertaintyCorreia, Isabel; Melo, Teresa
2019 Two-phase heuristics for a multi-period capacitated facility location problem with service-differentiated customersSauvey, Christophe; Melo, Teresa; Correia, Isabel
2019 Global Value Chains in economic developmentHerr, Hansjörg; Dünhaupt, Petra
2019 (Un)expected monetary policy shocks and term premiaKliem, Martin; Meyer-Gohde, Alexander
2019 Social policy in Mexico and ArgentinaTepepa, Martha
2019 Induced shifting involvements and cycles of growth and distributionNikiforos, Michalis
2019 On the design of empirical stock-flow-consistent modelsZezza, Gennaro; Zezza, Francesco