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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Government Funding of University-Industry Collaboration: Exploring the Impact of Targeted Funding on University Patent ActivityNugent, Annita; Chan, Ho Fai; Dulleck, Uwe
2019 Pricing the Pharmaceuticals when the Ability to Pay Differs: Taking Vertical Equity Seriously.Kanniainen, Vesa; Laine, Juha; Linnosmaa, Ismo
2019 Sanctioned to Death? The Impact of Economic Sanctions on Life Expectancy and its Gender GapGutmann, Jerg; Neuenkirch, Matthias; Neumeier, Florian
2019 Sham Litigation, Delayed Tax Payment and Evasion: The Role of Informal Credit MarketMarjit, Sugata; Mishra, Suryaprakash; Mitra, Sandip
2019 Recent or Free? An Experimental Study of the Motivations for Pirating MoviesBourreau, Marc; Lumeau, Marianne; Moreau, François; Viotto da Cruz, Jordana
2019 Cooperation in a Fragmented Society: Experimental Evidence on Syrian Refugees and Natives in LebanonDrouvelis, Michalis; Malaeb, Bilal; Vlassopoulos, Michael; Wahba, Jackline
2019 The Chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Macroeconomic Causality RegimesAksoy, Yunus; Morita, Rubens; Psaradakis, Zacharias
2019 A Female-Male Net Nutrition Comparison Using Differences-in-Decompositions: Late 19th and Early 20th Century Social Feminism and Women's SuffrageCarson, Scott A.
2019 Internal and external determinants of capital structure in large Korean firmsTulcanaza Prieto, Ana Belen; Lee, Young Hwan
2019 Bargaining and Conflict with Up-Front Investments: How Power Asymmetries MatterSchaller, Zachary; Skaperdas, Stergios
2019 Rewarding Commitment to Attend School: A Field Study with Indigenous Australian High School StudentsPotia, Azhar Hussain; Silva-Goncalves, Juliana; Torgler, Benno; Dulleck, Uwe
2019 Long Term Care Insurance with State-Dependent PreferencesDe Donder, Philippe; Leroux, Marie-Louise
2019 Market Efficiency in the Age of Big DataMartin, Ian; Nagel, Stefan
2019 Partisan Fiscal Policy: Evidence from Central and Eastern EuropeSchneider, Ondrej
2019 Speed Limit Enforcement and Road SafetyBauernschuster, Stefan; Rekers, Ramona
2019 Stranded Assets in the Transition to a Carbon-Free Economyvan der Ploeg, Rick; Rezai, Armon
2019 Artificial Intelligence: Socio-Political Challenges of Delegating Human Decision-Making to MachinesBraun, Robert
2019 Measuring the Economic Risk of EpidemicsNoy, Ilan; Doan, Nguyen; Ferrarini, Benno; Park, Donghyun
2019 The effect of book-tax difference on earnings quality: Empirical evidence from KOSPI companies in KoreaAbdullaev, Bobur; Park, Jeong hwan
2019 Die Wirksamkeit stressreduzierender und resilienzfördernder Maßnahmen im Studium: Ergebnisse und Ableitungen auf Basis einer Pilotstudie am Fachbereich Wirtschaft der Hochschule DarmstadtStork, Werner; Pilz, Ilka; Grund, Maximilian