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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2019 Successful public policy: Lessons from Australia and New ZealandLuetjens, Joannah; Mintrom, Michael; 't Hart, Paul
2019 Production efficiency of nodal and zonal pricing in imperfectly competitive electricity marketsSarfati, Mahir; Hesamzadeh, Mohammad Reza; Holmberg, Pär
2019 Political hedgehogs: The geographical sorting of refugees in SwedenWennström, Johan; Öner, Özge
2019 The refugee crisis and the reinvigoration of the nation state: Does the European Union have a common refugee policy?Henrekson, Magnus; Öner, Özge; Sanandaji, Tino
2019 The effect of book-tax difference on earnings quality: Empirical evidence from KOSPI companies in KoreaAbdullaev, Bobur; Park, Jeong hwan
2019 Intensifying great power politics in the Arctic - points for consideration by the kingdom of Denmark: From an analysis of assessments and strategies in Finland, Norway and IcelandOlesen, Mikkel Runge; Nørup, Camilla Tenna
2019 Inspecting the relationship among E-service quality, E-trust, E-customer satisfaction and behavioral intentions of online shopping customersTran, Van-Dat; Quang Huy Vu
2019 What kind of product does the person who feel nostalgia buy? Examine the effect of product typesChung, Hyunseung
2019 Paul Samuelson's ways to macroeconomic dynamicsBoianovsky, Mauro
2019 Roots of tolerance among second-generation immigrantsBerggren, Niclas; Ljunge, Martin; Nilsson, Therese
2019 The fourth chronic poverty report: GrowthShepherd, Andrew W.; Bird, Katherine; DaCorta, Lucia; Diwakar, Vidya; Dubey, Amaresh; Gelb, Stephen; Golooba-Mutebi, Frederick; Günther, Manuela Kristin; Lenhardt, Amanda; Mwabu, Germano M.; Scott, Lucy
2019 Campusübergreifende Lehrforschung in verschiedenen Modulen im Studiengang Marketing-Management zum Thema NachhaltigkeitHattula, Cansu; Hilgers-Sekowsky, Julia; Kalteis, Marion; Kolibius, Mischa; Schuster, Gabriele; Wießner, Sabine
2019 Stabiles und soziales Europa: Fiskalregeln, Stabilisierungsfonds, Insolvenzregeln, Gender Quote, Gender Pension Gaps, Bildung. BerichteWeinhardt, Felix; Hammerschmid, Anna; Rowold, Carla; Wrohlich, Katharina; Bremus, Franziska; Kliatskova, Tatsiana; Clemens, Marius; Fratzscher, Marcel; Kriwoluzky, Alexander; Michelsen, Claus
2019 Sustainable development of information systems for logistics as a tool to strengthen the competitive ability on global marketsŠtor, Matjaž
2019 Migrants' digital knowledge flows: How digital transformation shapes social behaviourDavid, Alexandra; Terstriep, Judith; Sospiro, Paolo; Scibè, Elisa
2019 The Editor vs. the Algorithm: Returns to Data and Externalities in Online NewsClaussen, Jörg; Peukert, Christian; Sen, Ananya
2019 Tax Cuts Starve the Beast! Evidence from GermanyFuest, Clemens; Neumeier, Florian; Stöhlker, Daniel
2019 Determinants of stock market performance: VAR and VECM designs in Korea and JapanTulcanaza Prieto, Ana Belen; Lee, Young Hwan
2019 Trade Costs in Services: Firm Survival, Firm Growth and Implied Changes in EmploymentChristen, Elisabeth; Pfaffermayr, Michael; Wolfmayr, Yvonne
2019 Macro-Financial Linkages in the High-Frequency Domain: The Effects of Uncertainty on Realized VolatilityCaporale, Guglielmo Maria; Karanasos, Menelaos; Yfanti, Stavroula