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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 Private information, price discrimination, and collusionPeiseler, Florian; Rasch, Alexander; Shekhar, Shiva
2018 Let's lock them in: Collusion under consumer switching costsFourberg, Niklas
2018 The Intergenerational Transmission of Welfare Dependencyde Haan, Monique; Schreiner, Ragnhild C.
2018 Drivers of seasonal return patterns in German stocksWeigerding, Michael; Hanke, Michael Hanke; Schwetzler, Bernhard
2018 The relationship between the Chinese "going out" strategy and international tradeAbeliansky, Ana Lucia; Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada
2018 Social subsidies and marketization: The role of gender and skillDuval-Hernández, Robert; Fang, Lei; Ngai, Liwa Rachel
2018 Are cryptocurrencies connected to forex? A quantile cross-spectral approachBaumohl, Eduard
2018 On the Optimal Use of Correlated Information in Contractual Design under Limited LiabilityDanau, Daniel; Vinella, Annalisa
2018 The labor market in Israel, 2000-2016Larom, Tali; Lifshitz, Osnat
2018 Energy poverty: (Dis)assembling Europe's infrastructural divideBouzarovski, Stefan
2018 Performance and Structures of the German Science System 2017Helmich, Patricia; Frietsch, Rainer; Frietsch, Rainer
2018 FuE-intensive Industrien und wissensintensive Dienstleistungen im internationalen VergleichGehrke, Birgit; Schiersch, Alexander
2018 Estimating nonlinear intergenerational income mobility with correlation curvesNilsson, Jan Olof William
2018 The social life of economic inequalities in contemporary Latin America: Decades of changeYstanes, Margit; Strønen, Iselin Åsedotter
2018 Regional knowledge, entrepreneurial culture and innovative start-ups over time and space: An empirical investigationFritsch, Michael; Wyrwich, Michael
2018 A fuzzy approach to measuring violence against women and its severityBettio, Francesca; Ticci, Elisa; Betti, Gianni
2018 Will you marry me? It depends (on the business cycle)Bellido, Héctor; Marcén, Miriam
2018 Sektorfallstudien zu Determinanten der Produktivitätsentwicklung in der Automobilindustrie, im Maschinenbau und bei den TelekommunikationsdienstleistungenRothgang, Michael; Dehio, Jochen; Janßen-Timmen, Ronald; Stiebale, Joel
2018 A fair share of tax: A fiscal anthropology of contemporary SwedenBjörklund Larsen, Lotta
2018 Patent Protection and Threat of Litigation in OligopolyCapuano, Carlo; Grassi, Iacopo