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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Development and Operationalization of a Model of Innovation Management System as Part of an Integrated Quality-Environment-Safety SystemMaier, Dorin; Sven-Joachim, Irmer; Fortmüller, Astrid; Maier, Andreea
2017 Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Romania: a Quantitative ApproachEnache, Calcedonia; Merino, Fernando
2017 An Assessment of the First Round Impact of Innovation Industries on Europe's Regional EconomiesOtoiu, Adrian; Bere, Ramona; Silvestru, Cătălin
2017 Central bank independence and inflation in Africa: The role of financial systems and institutional qualityAgoba, Abel Mawuko; Abor, Joshua; Osei, Kofi A.; Sa-Aadu, Jarjisu
2017 Competition and Consumer Behavior in the Context of the Digital EconomyVătămănescu, Elena-Mădălina; Nistoreanu, Bogdan Gabriel; Mitan, Andreea
2017 The Interdependence of Competition Policy, Consumer Policy and Regulation in Introducing and Safeguarding Effective Competition in the EU Telecommunications MarketBartels, Andreas; Pleșea, Doru Alexandru; Studeny, Michael; Just, Vanessa
2017 Competition and Consumer Protection in the Romanian Banking SectorIacovoiu, Viorela; Stancu, Adrian
2017 The Analysis of the Correlation between the Degree of Market Concentration and the Level of Consumer ProtectionCurea, Ştefania-Cristina; Dinu, Eduard; Prisecaru, Paul
2017 Competition's Policy – a Tool to Protect Consumer's Rights and InterestsDinu, Vasile
2017 Best Practices for Integrating the Romanian Small Farmers into the Agri-Food ChainBoboc, Dan; Popescu, Gabriel; Stoian, Mirela; Lădaru, Georgiana-Raluca; Petrache, Dan Cosmin
2017 The Market for Ideas. For Common Sense ElitesJora, Octavian-Dragomir; Georgescu, Alexandru
2017 Responsible Consumption – Source of Competitive Advantages and Solution for Tourist ProtectionEpura, Gheorghe; Tescațiu, Bianca; Todor, Raluca Dania; Sasu, Karin-Andreea
2017 Consumer Protection as a Factor of Destination Competitiveness in the European UnionPetrovic, Jelena; Milicevic, Snežana
2017 Competition Policy in the European Film Industry Focused on Consumers' Interests – a Romanian PerspectiveNistoreanu, Puiu; Dinca, Violeta Mihaela; Șchiopu, Andreea Fortuna
2017 Competition on the University Educational Services Market in Romania and the Protection of Students' Rights and InterestsBrătucu, Gabriel; Palade (Zamfirache), Alexandra; Madar, Anca; Neacsu, Nicoleta Andreea; Boşcor, Dana; Băltescu, Codruţa Adina
2017 Determinants of Romanians' Migration within the European Union: Static and Dynamic Panel Gravity ApproachesDavidescu, Adriana Ana Maria; Strat, Vasile Alecsandru; Grosu, Raluca Mariana; Zgură, Ion-Daniel
2017 Consumer Involvement in Private EU Competition Law EnforcementOncioiu, Ionica
2017 Impact of Migration upon a Receiving Country's Economic DevelopmentManole, Sorin; Pănoiu, Laura; Păunescu, Adriana
2017 Female work status and child nutritional outcome in NigeriaNgenzebuke, Rama Lionel; Akachi, Yoko
2017 Innovation. An Instrument for Development of CompaniesNica, Ana-Maria; Stancu, Ion; Stancu, Dumitra