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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Who replies to consultations, and what do they say? The case of broadband universal service in the UKStocker, Volker; Whalley, Jason
2017 Communications Act 2021Lehr, William; Sicker, Douglas
2017 Willingness-to-pay for FTTH for secured and stable usage of OTT media streaming servicesSudtasan, Tatcha; Mitomo, Hitoshi
2017 Analysis of glamorous acquisitions in the telecommunications sector: Overvaluation or success?Navío-Marco, Julio; Serrano Calle, Silvia; Solórzano-García, Marta
2017 Lending conditions in EU: The role of credit demand and supplyKapounek, Svatopluk; Kučerová, Zuzana; Fidrmuc, Jarko
2017 Does Student Work Really Affect Educational Outcomes? A Review of the LiteratureNeyt, Brecht; Omey, Eddy; Verhaest, Dieter; Baert, Stijn
2017 Ultra-lockere Geldpolitiken, Finanzmarktblasen und marktwirtschaftliche OrdnungSchnabl, Gunther
2017 A preliminary analysis of mergers and acquisitions by Microsoft from 1992 to 2016: A resource and competence perspectiveLopez Giron, Ali Jose; Vialle, Pierre
2017 The Impacts of Mobile Platform Openness on Application Developers' Intention to Continuously Use a Platform: From an Ecosystem PerspectiveChoia, Goya; Nam, Changi; Kim, Seongcheol
2017 Three Essays on Sustainable Supply Chain Management – Towards Sustainable Supplier Selection and Sustainable SourcingSchöll, Michaela; EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht Wiesbaden
2017 Tail event driven networks of SIFIsChen, Cathy Yi-Hsuan; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Okhrin, Yarema
2017 Industry Interdependency Dynamics in a Network ContextQian, Ya; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl; Chen, Cathy Yi-Hsuan
2017 Female work status and child nutritional outcome in NigeriaNgenzebuke, Rama Lionel; Akachi, Yoko
2017 Uncertainty, financial crises, and subjective well-beingTonzer, Lena
2017 Bank-specific shocks and house price growth in the U.S.Bremus, Franziska; Krause, Thomas; Noth, Felix
2017 Internal governance and creditor governance: Evidence from credit default swapsColonnello, Stefano
2017 Can't Keep Up with the Joneses: How Relative Deprivation Pushes Internal Migration in AustriaJestl, Stefan; Moser, Mathias; Raggl, Anna K.
2017 Trade in Services versus Trade in Manufactures: The Relation between the Role of Tacit Knowledge, the Scope for Catch up, and Income ElasticityBekkers, Eddy; Landesmann, Michael; Macskasi, Indre
2017 EU Trade Regulations and Imports of Hygienic PoultryGhodsi, Mahdi; Stehrer, Robert
2017 Financial Cycles in Credit, Housing and Capital Markets: Evidence from Systemic EconomiesAdarov, Amat