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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2016 Living standards in Lower Canada, 1831Geloso, Vincent; Kufenko, Vadim; Villeneuve, Remy
2016 Information Matters: A Theoretical Comparison of Some Cross-Border Trade BarriersWilson, Chris M.
2016 The causal effects of an intensified curriculum on cognitive skills: Evidence from a natural experimentAndrietti, Vincenzo
2016 Education Curriculum and Student Achievement: Theory and EvidenceAndrietti, Vincenzo; Su, Xejuan
2016 Money, Social Capital and Materialism. Evidence from Happiness DataPiekalkiewicz, Marcin
2016 Exploring the characteristics of transfer pricing systems across countriesRathke, Alex Augusto Timm; Rezende, Amaury José
2016 Spurious periodicities in cliometric series: Simultaneous testingKufenko, Vadim
2016 Search and matching frictions and business cycle fluctuations in Bulgaria: Technical AppendixVasilev, Aleksandar
2016 Existence, uniqueness and computation of solutions to dynamic models with occasionally binding constraintsHolden, Tom D.
2016 Using Computer Simulators for Teaching Macroeconomics at the Undergraduate LevelAngelov, Aleks; Vasilev, Aleksandar
2016 The EU's Rule of Law Promotion in Central and Eastern Europe: Where and Why Does It Fail, and What Can Be Done About It?Martin Mendelski
2016 Das verfügbare Einkommen in Liechtenstein im Vergleich mit der Schweiz. Studie im Auftrag der liechtensteinischen RegierungBrunhart, Andreas; Büchel, Berno
2016 Entrepreneurship Versus Joblessness: Explaining the Rise in Self-EmploymentFalco, Paolo; Haywood, Luke
2016 Vertical effects of fiscal rules: The Swiss experienceBurret, Heiko T.; Feld, Lars P.
2016 Risks, shocks, building resilience: PhilippinesLlanto, Gilberto M.
2016 The European refugee crisis and the natural rate of outputHeinisch, Katja; Wohlrabe, Klaus
2016 How interoperable and standardised should IoT market be: A policy discussion from an EU-centric point of viewUNVER, Mehmet Bilal; VANBERG, Ayşem Diker
2016 How to deal with big data? Techno-economic analysis of different storage, processing and analysis alternativesVan der Wee, Marlies; Bahreini, Samaneh; Verbrugge, Sofie
2016 Die Bewertung von Aktienanleihen mit Barriere: Eine Fallstudie für die Easy-Aktienanleihe der Deutschen BankHofmann, Maurice; Rottmann, Horst
2016 Einkommenszufriedenheit, Ungleichheitsaversion und die Schwäche des MedianwählermodellsBlümle, Gerold