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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2013-12Ageing, Care Need and Long-Term Care Workforce in GermanySchulz, Erika
2013-12Multiple imputation in a complex household survey - the German Panel on Household Finances (PHF): challenges and solutionsEisele, Martin; Zhu, Junyi
2013-12SPACs in ShippingShachmurove, Yochanan; Vulanovic, Milos
2013-12Stability and Change in Affective Experience Across the Adult Life Span: Analyses With a National Sample From GermanyKunzmann, Ute; Richter, David; Schmukle, Stefan C.
2013-12Societal Change, Care Need and Long-Term Care Workforce in Selected European CountriesSchulz, Erika; Geyer, Johannes
2013-12Resource Rents and Economic Growth: Economic and institutional development in countries with a high share of income from the sale of natural resources. Analysis and recommendations based on international experienceKaznacheev, Peter
2013-11-29T09:14:17ZWill Facebook save or destroy social capital? An empirical investigation into the effect of online interactions on trust and networksSabatini, Fabio; Sarracino, Francesco
2013-11Russia's Fiscal GapGoryunov, Eugene; Kazakova, Marija; Kotlikoff, Laurence J.; Mamedov, Arseny; Nesterova, Kristina; Nazarov, Vladimir; Grišina, Elena; Trunin, Pavel V.; Shpenev, Alexey
2013-10-14T12:58:21ZKapitalwertmethode bei nicht-flacher ZinsstrukturkurveKohn, Wolfgang
2013-10-14Kapitalwertmethode bei nicht-flacher ZinsstrukturkurveKohn, Wolfgang
2013-10Daten für die epidemiologische AltersforschungFuchs, Judith; Grabka, Markus Michael; Gruber, Stefan; Linkohr, Birgit; Schmidt, Carsten Oliver; Schön, Gerhard; Wurm, Susanne; Strobl, Ralf; Grill, Eva
2013-10Case Survey for Assessing Community-Based Enterprise: A Research DesignSoviana, Soviana
2013-09Impact of Ageing on Curative Health Care Workforce : Country Report DenmarkSchulz, Erika
2013-09Impact of Ageing on Curative Health Care Workforce in Selected EU CountriesSchulz, Erika; Coda Moscarola, Flavia; Golinowska, Stanisława; Radvansky, Marek; Geyer, Johannes
2013-09Österreich, das Land der versteckten ArbeitslosigkeitChristl, Michael; Kucsera, Dénes
2013-09Oversupply of Labor and Other Peculiarities of Arts Labor MarketPopović, Milenko; Ratković, Kruna
2013-09Labor and Love: Wives' Employment and Divorce Risk in its Socio-political ContextCooke, Lynn P.; Erola, Jani; Evertsson, Marie; Gähler, Michael; Härkönen, Juho; Hewitt, Belinda; Jalovaara, Marika; Kan, Man-Yee; Lyngstad, Torkild Hovde; Mencarini, Letizia; Mignot, Jean-Francois; Mortelmans, Dimitri; Poortman, Anne-Rigt; Schmitt, Christian; Trappe, Heike
2013-09Employment in Health and Long-Term Care Sector in European CountriesSchulz, Erika
2013-09The Course of Subjective Sleep Quality in Middle and Old Adulthood and Its Relation to Physical HealthLemola, Sakari; Richter, David
2013-09Impact of Ageing on Curative Health Care Workforce : Country Report GermanySchulz, Erika