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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Risk sensitivity indicator as correction factor for cost of capital rateGrzegorz Michalski
2012 Image Effect of Ambush Marketing: The Case of FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010Hutter, Katharina; Schwarz, Uta
2012 The Effects of Technology and Innovation on SocietySasvari, Peter
2012 Ungleichbehandlung im System der gesetzlichen Rentenversicherung und bei der Besteuerung der RentenScholtz, Hellmut D.
2012 The Impact of Home Production on Economic Inequality in GermanyFrick, Joachim R.; Grabka, Markus M.; Groh-Samberg, Olaf
2012 “Renewable Energy Systems”: Role and Use of Parliamentary Technology AssessmentBaumann, Manuel; Lichtner, Patrick; Boavida, Nuno; Fautz, Camillo; Dura, Hanna
2012 Perspectives on Technology, Society and Innovation: Report on the 4S/EASST Joint Conference 'Design and Displacement'Boavida, Nuno; Fleischer, Torsten; Kuppler, Sophie; Lösch, Andreas; Moniz, António; Schippl, Jens; Simon, Judith
2012 Gender perspective on entrepreneurial intentions and innovation cognitive style: cross-country studyPejic-Bach, Mirjana; Sasvari, Peter; Merkac Skok, Marjana; Dwivedi, Rajeev; Wai Yee, Lee; Šimicevic, Vanja; Abramovic, Karmen
2012 Globalization and Income Inequality: A Panel Data Analysis of 68 CountriesAtif, Syed Muhammad; Srivastav, Mudit; Sauytbekova, Moldir; Arachchige, Udeni Kathri
2012 Critical Review of the Paper 'A Simple Model of Firm Heterogeneity, International Trade and Wages', Stephen Ross Yeaple (2005), Journal of International Economics, vol. 65, pp. 1-20Atif, Syed Muhammad
2012 Broadband Infrastructure and Economic Growth: A Panel Data Analysis of OECD CountriesAtif, Syed Muhammad; Endres, James; Macdonald, James
2012 Impact of Health Aid on Infant Mortality RatesYousuf, Ahmed Sadek
2012 Women empowerment in Portuguese rural municipalities: Outcomes from a projectMartinho, Vítor João Pereira Domingues
2012 A Household Study of Self-Regulation in Children - Intergenerational Links and Maternal AntecedentsDrobetz, Reinhard; Maercker, Andreas; Spieß, C. Katharina; Wagner, Gert G.; Forstmeier, Simon
2012 Angst und Ärger: Zur Relevanz emotionaler Dimensionen sozialer UngleichheitRackow, Katja; Schupp, Jürgen; Scheve, Christian von
2012 A New Approach for Assessing Sleep Duration and Postures from Ambulatory AccelerometryWrzus, Cornelia; Brandmaier, Andreas M.; von Oertzen, Timo; Müller, Viktor; Wagner, Gert G.; Riediger, Michaela
2012 New Keynesian Macroeconomics: Empirically tested in the case of Republic of MacedoniaJosheski, Dushko; Lazarov, Darko
2012 Women empowerment in Portugal: Realities, constraints, policies, strategies and initiativesMartinho, Vítor João Pereira Domingues
2012 Gulag, WWII and the Long-run Patterns of Soviet City GrowthMikhailova, Tatiana
2012 A Conceptual Framework for Definition of the Correlation Between Company Size Categories and the Proliferation of Business Information Systems in HungarySasvari, Peter