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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Tourism as a driver of economic development: The Colombian experienceBenković, Andreja; Mejía, Juan Felipe
2008 Optimale Liquiditätsplanung - Mit Excel arbeitenScholtz, Hellmut D.
2008 Pensions: A Complex LandscapeEich, Frank; Swarup, Amarendra
2008 The Parental Leave Benefit Reform in Germany: Costs and Labour Market Outcomes of Moving towards the Nordic ModelSpiess, C.Katharina; Wrohlich, Katharina
2008 Gewinnsteigerung durch optimale Verkaufsmengenplanung mit Tabellenprogramm ExcelScholtz, Hellmut D.
2008 Overtime Work as a Signaling DeviceAnger, Silke
2008 Credit Rating Agencies: The Main Lacuna in EU Regulation Governing Conflicts of InterestChirico, Alessandra
2008 Assessing Competition in Philippine MarketsAldaba, Rafaelita M.
2008 Measures for Assessing Basic Education in the PhilippinesMaligalig, Dalisay S.; Albert, Jose Ramon G.
2008 Rules of Origin: Regimes in East Asia and Recommendations for Best PracticeMedalla, Erlinda M.
2008 Spatial-Temporal Dimensions of Efficiency among Electric Cooperatives in the PhilippinesLavado, Rouselle F.; Barrios, Erniel B.
2008 Public Policies for the MDGs: The Case of the Dominican RepublicDíaz-Bonilla, Carolina; Lofgren, Hans; Cicowiez, Martin
2008 Polarización de ingresos laborales. Argentina 1992 – 2006Viollaz, Mariana
2008 Emerging Issues in Promoting Competition Policy in the APEC and ASEAN CountriesAldaba, Rafaelita M.
2008 Benefit Incidence of Public Spending on Education in the PhilippinesManasan, Rosario G.; Cuenca, Janet S.; Villanueva-Ruiz, Eden C.
2008 CARP Institutional Assessment in a Post-2008 Transition Scenario: Implications for Land Administration and Management (LAM)Cortez, Felino; Ballesteros, Marife M.
2008 Financial Inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean: Review and LessonsBebczuk, Ricardo N.
2008 Efectos Distributivos de Esquemas Alternativos de Tarifas Sociales: Una Exploración CuantitativaMarchionni, Mariana; Sosa-Escudero, Walter; Alejo, Javier
2008 Un Piso de Protección Social en América Latina: Costos Fiscales e Impactos SocialesGasparini, Leonardo; Crosta, Facundo; Haimovich, Francisco; Alvarez, Beatriz; Ham, Andrés; Sánchez, Raúl
2008 Can Imports Discipline Collusive Firms? The Case of the Philippine Cement IndustryAldaba, Rafaelita M.