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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Tourism as a driver of economic development: The Colombian experienceBenković, Andreja; Mejía, Juan Felipe
2008 Pensions: A Complex LandscapeEich, Frank; Swarup, Amarendra
2008 The Parental Leave Benefit Reform in Germany: Costs and Labour Market Outcomes of Moving towards the Nordic ModelSpiess, C.Katharina; Wrohlich, Katharina
2008 Overtime Work as a Signaling DeviceAnger, Silke
2008 Credit Rating Agencies: The Main Lacuna in EU Regulation Governing Conflicts of InterestChirico, Alessandra
2008 Comparing price and non-price approaches to urban water conservationOlmstead, Sheila M.; Stavins, Robert N.
2008 Managing migration through quotas: An option-theory perspectiveMoretto, Michele; Vergalli, Sergio
2008 Sexual orientation and household decision making: Same-sex couples' balance of power and labor supply choicesOreffice, Sonia
2008 Institutions and forest management: A case study from Swat, PakistanKruseman, Gideon; Pellegrini, Lorenzo
2008 Coalition formation and the ancillary benefits of climate policyFinus, Michael; Rübbelke, Dirk T. G.
2008 Herausforderung Vielfalt - Ländliche Räume im Struktur- und PolitikwandelFranzen, Nathalie; Hahne, Ulf; Hartz, Andrea; Kühne, Olaf; Schafranski, Franz; Spellerberg, Annette; Zeck, Holger
2008 Changing the allocation rules in the EU ETS: Impact on competitiveness and economic efficiencyQuirion, Philippe; Demailly, Damien
2008 Effects of the CDM on poverty eradication and global climate protectionRübbelke, Dirk T. G.; Rive, Nathan
2008 Effects of tourism upon the economy of small and medium-sized European cities: Cultural tourists and 'the others'Del Corpo, Barbara; Gasparino, Ugo; Bellini, Elena; Malizia, William
2008 Environmental policy, education and growth: A reappraisal when lifetime is finitePautrel, Xavier
2008 Science-policy communication for improved water resources management: Contributions of the Nostrum-DSS projectDepietri, Yaella; Giupponi, Carlo
2008 Collective reputation, entry and minimum quality standardRouvière, Elodie; Soubeyran, Raphaël
2008 Institutional arrangements for municipal solid waste combustion projectsKleiss, Torsten
2008 The impact of conflict and fragility on households: A conceptual framework with reference to widowsBrück, Tilman; Schindler, Kati
2008 Rules of Origin: Regimes in East Asia and Recommendations for Best PracticeMedalla, Erlinda M.