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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 How restructuring is changing occupations? Case study evidence from knowledge-intensive, manufacturing and service occupationsValenduc, Gérard; Vendramin, Patricia; Krings, Bettina; Nierling, Linda
2007 Varieties of systems of innovation: A survey of their evolution in growth theory and economic geographyChrist, Julian P.
2007 Arbeitslosigkeit und Lohnspreizung - Empirische Befunde zur Arbeitsmarktsituation gering Qualifizierter in DeutschlandRukwid, Ralf
2007 Pets and Human Health in Germany and Australia: National Longitudinal ResultsHeadey, Bruce; Grabka, Markus M.
2007 Public-Private-Partnerships. Private und staatliche Strategien zum Management von KatastrophenrisikenKlimaszewski-Blettner, Barbara; Richter, Andreas
2007 Intermediation, Compensation and Collusion in Insurance MarketsFocht, Uwe; Richter, Andreas; Schiller, Jörg
2007 The Environmental Kuznets Curve in a World of IrreversibilityPrieur, Fabien
2007 Traditional Natural Resources Management Practices and Biodiversity Conservation in Ghana: A Review of Local Concepts and Issues on Change and SustainabilitySarfo-Mensah, Paul; Oduro, W.
2007 Stringency and Distribution in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme –The 2005 EvidenceSchleicher, Stefan P.; Kettner, Claudia; Köppl, Angela; Thenius, Gregor
2007 Grant support and exporting activityGörg, Holger; Henry, Michael; Strobl, Eric
2007 Inserción internacional de las manufacturas intensivas en mano de obra de la ArgentinaBerrettoni, Daniel
2007 Pooling und Tranching im Rahmen von ABS-TransaktionenRudolph, Bernd; Scholz, Julia
2007 Are Workers. Enterprises Entry Policies ConventionalMoretto, Michele; Rossini, Gianpaolo
2007 In Search of Stars: Network Formation among Heterogeneous AgentsUle, Aljaž; Goeree, Jacob K.; Riedl, Arno
2007 Fixed Instruments to Cope with Stock Externalities An Experimental EvaluationGiordana, Gastón; Willinger, Marc
2007 AD-DICE: An Implementation of Adaptation in the DICE Modede Bruin, Kelly C.; Dellink, Rob B.; Tol, Richard S.J.
2007 Forestry and the Carbon Market Response to Stabilize ClimateTavoni, Massimo; Bosetti, Valentina; Sohngen, Brent
2007 A Modern Statistical Infrastructure for Excellent Research and Policy Advice – Report on the German Council for Social and Economic Data during its First Period in Office (2004 - 2006)Solga, Heike; Wagner, Gert G.
2007 Eine moderne Dateninfrastruktur für eine exzellente Forschung und Politikberatung: Bericht über die Arbeit des Rates für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsdaten in seiner ersten Berufungsperiode (2004-2006)Solga, Heike; Wagner, Gert G.
2007 Arbeits- und Kapitalmarktstruktur als Determinanten von Frühphasen-WagniskapitalinvestitionenEngelhardt, Lutz