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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 How to train Business Students for Corporate Social Responsibility at Universities and Business SchoolsAckermann, Karl-Friedrich
2007 How restructuring is changing occupations? Case study evidence from knowledge-intensive, manufacturing and service occupationsValenduc, Gérard; Vendramin, Patricia; Krings, Bettina; Nierling, Linda
2007 Beitragssatz, Kassenwettbewerb und Gesundheitsreform: Eine empirische AnalyseAndersen, Hanfried H.; Grabka, Markus M.; Schwarze, Johannes
2007 Varieties of systems of innovation: A survey of their evolution in growth theory and economic geographyChrist, Julian P.
2007 Minderung der Risiken bei Wertpapieranlagen zur Altersvorsorge mit marktneutralen AnlagestrategienScholtz, Hellmut D.
2007 Rising Wage Inequality, Rate of Return on Investment in Education and Cost of EducationPopović, Milenko
2007 Arbeitslosigkeit und Lohnspreizung - Empirische Befunde zur Arbeitsmarktsituation gering Qualifizierter in DeutschlandRukwid, Ralf
2007 Pets and Human Health in Germany and Australia: National Longitudinal ResultsHeadey, Bruce; Grabka, Markus M.
2007 The Store-of-Value-Function of Money as a Component of Household Risk ManagementGrößl, Ingrid; Fritsche, Ulrich
2007 Unit Labor Cost Growth Differentials in the Euro Area, Germany, and the US: Lessons from PANIC and Cluster AnalysisFritsche, Ulrich; Kuzin, Vladimir N.
2007 'Marginal Employment' and the Demand for Heterogenous Labour: Empirical Evidence from a Multi-Factor Labour Demand Model for GermanyFreier, Ronny; Steiner, Viktor
2007 Self-employment: A Way to End Unemployment? Empirical Evidence from German Pseudo-Panel DataGlocker, Daniela; Steiner, Viktor
2007 Does Parental Unemployment Cause Right-Wing Extremism?Siedler, Thomas
2007 From informal microfinance to linkage banking: putting theory into practice, and practice into theorySeibel, Hans Dieter
2007 Die Rolle Russlands im internationalen EnergiemarktRahr, Alexander
2007 Using Energy and Materials More Efficiently: Large and Profitable Potentials, But Little Attention from Energy and Climate PolicyJochem, Eberhard
2007 The Way towards an Energy Policy for EuropeVinois, Jean-Arnold
2007 Theory and Practice in the Choice of Social Discount Rate for Cost-Benefit Analysis: A SurveyZhuang, Juzhong; Liang, Zhihong; Lin, Tun; De Guzman, Franklin
2007 Künftige Netzregulierung als Grundpfeiler einer effektiven Liberalisierung des deutschen StromsektorsLeprich, Uwe; Diekmann, Jochen; Ziesing, Hans-Joachim
2007 Erneuerbare Energien: Status und PotentialePflüger, Antonio