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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Imputed Rent and Income Inequality: A Decomposition Analysis for Great Britain, West Germany and the U.S.Frick, Joachim R.; Grabka, Markus M.
2003 Modell eines versicherungsorientierten Umlageverfahrens zur Entlastung der Versicherten und ihrer BetriebeScholtz, Hellmut D.
2003 Umverteilung in der gRV und Besteuerung der Renten - Eine Analyse der Bemessungsgrößen auf Grundlage der BeitragsäquivalenzScholtz, Hellmut D.
2003 Strategie zur Maximierung des Endvermögens bei Meidung des Ruins - Ein geeigneter Ansatz bei Anlagen zur Alterssicherung?Scholtz, Hellmut D.
2003 Hält der Generationenvertrag bis zum Jahre 2050? - Eine Analyse der Beitragsäquivalenz in der gRVScholtz, Hellmut D.
2003 Die "Geiselhaft" des Relationship-Intermediärs: Eine Nachlese zur Beinahe-Insolvenz des Holzmann-KonzernsSchäfer, Dorothea
2003 Interactions between care-giving and paid work hours among European midlife women, 1994 to 1996Spieß, Christa Katharina; Schneider, A. Ulrike
2003 Negotiated shareholder value: The German version of an Anglo-American practiceVitols, Sigurt
2003 Globalization and State Capacity: The PhilippinesPatalinghug, Epictetus
2003 Strengthening Bilateral Trade and Investment Relationship Between Latin America and the Philippines: Beyond Economic DiplomacyPalma, Alexander Michael G.
2003 Integrating Gender Perspectives in Evaluating the Efficiency of COFI: The Case of Credit Cooperatives in the PhilippinesLamberte, Mario B.; Manlagnit, Ma. Chelo V.
2003 Analysis of the President's Budget for 2004: Looking for the Complete (Fiscal) PictureManasan, Rosario G.
2003 An Evaluation of the Philippine Population Management Program (PPMP)Orbeta, Aniceto C.; Cuenca, Janet S.; Herrin, Alejandro N.; del Prado, Fatima; Acejo, Iris L.
2003 Family Planning and Maternal and Child Health Outcomes, Utilization and Access to Services by Asset Quintile: New Evidence from the FPS and MCHSOrbeta, Aniceto C.; Cuenca, Janet S.; del Prado, Fatima; Acejo, Iris L.
2003 Regulatory Policies and Reforms in the Power and Downstream Oil IndustriesAldaba, Rafaelita M.
2003 State of Competition in the Insurance Industry: Selected Asian CountriesMilo, Melanie S.
2003 Rural Finance and Microfinance Development in Transition Countries in Southeast and East AsiaLlanto, Gilberto M.; Fukui, Ryu
2003 Trade Reforms, Unemployment, Household Income and Welfare: The Philippine CaseCororaton, Caesar B.
2003 Innovations in Microfinance in Southeast AsiaLlanto, Gilberto M.; Fukui, Ryu
2003 The Output Gap and Its Role in Inflation-Targeting in the PhilippinesYap, Josef T.