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2002 Testing three models in international economics: The Purchasing Power Parity Model, the Interest Rate Parity Model and the Monetary Model: The case of the Turkish Lira and the US Dollar (1975-1999)Vasilev, Aleksandar; Pavlov, Plamen; Rainov, Stefan; Kovatchev, Tsvetoslav
2002 "The Gamblers Ruin" und die kritische Wahrscheinlichkeit. Geeignete Risikomaße bei Anlagen zur Alterssicherung?Scholtz, Hellmut D.
2002 Inflation and Disinflation in TurkeyKibritçioğlu, Aykut; Rittenberg, Libby; Selçuk, Faruk; Akçay, O. Cevdet; Alper, C. Emre; Berument, M. Hakan; Dibooğlu, Selahattin; Erlat, Haluk; Ertuğrul, Ahmet; Malatyalı, N. Kamuran; Nas, Tevfik F.; Özmucur, Süleyman; Perry, Mark J.
2002 Eine optimierte Investmentstrategie für Anlagen zur Alterssicherung bei abhängigen ErtragsentwicklungenScholtz, Hellmut D.
2002 Risikominderung durch eine optimierte Investmentstrategie für Anlagen zur AltersicherungScholtz, Hellmut D.
2002 Stabilization via currency boardMaute, Jutta
2002 Coordination Failure with Multiple-Source Lending: The Cost of Protection against a Powerful LenderHubert, Franz; Schäfer, Dorothea
2002 Multiplicative background riskFranke, Günter; Schlesinger, Harris; Stapleton, Richard C.
2002 Organisation der Produktinnovation in Medienunternehmen: Eine Analyse des Forschungsstandes zur Ablauforganisation der Innovation von Online-ProduktenKöhler, Lutz
2002 Infrastructure Development: Experience and Policy Options for the FutureLlanto, Gilberto M.
2002 Central Banking in the Philippines: Then, Now and the FutureLamberte, Mario B.
2002 The Philippines in the Global Trading Environment: Looking Back and the Road AheadAustria, Myrna S.
2002 Rethinking Institutional Reforms in the Philippine Housing SectorBallesteros, Marife M.
2002 Efficiency and Expense Preference in the Philippines' Cooperative Rural BanksLamberte, Mario B.; Desrochers, Martin
2002 Estimating Industry Benchmarks for the Value Added TaxManasan, Rosario G.
2002 Population and Poverty: A Review of the Links, Evidence and Implications for the PhilippinesOrbeta, Aniceto C.
2002 Research and Development and Technology in the PhilippinesCororaton, Caesar B.
2002 The Poverty Fight: Have We Made an Impact?Reyes, Celia M.
2002 Financial Services Integration and Consolidated Supervision: Some Issues to Consider for the PhilippinesMilo, Melanie S.
2002 Philippine Competition Policy in PerspectiveMedalla, Erlinda M.