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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Some Cambridge reactions to The General Theory: David Champernowne and Joan Robinson on full employmentBoianovsky, Mauro
2000 Implikationen der Technologiediffusion für technologische ArbeitslosigkeitHolwegler, Bernhard
2000 Finanzpolitik und Wiedervereinigung: Bilanz nach 10 JahrenBach, Stefan; Vesper, Dieter
2000 The German Economy and EU Industrial Tariff Reductions: Partial and CGE Analyses of a Stillborn Millennium RoundSpinanger, Dean; Francois, Joseph F.; Glismann, Hans H.
2000 House prices and the macroeconomy in Europe: Results from a structural var analysisIacoviello, Matteo
2000 Flexible equality: Men and women in employment in JapanShire, Karen A.; Imai, Jun
2000 Russia's agriculture: eight years in transition - convergence or divergence of regional efficiencyUvarovsky, Vladimir; Voigt, Peter
2000 Emerging Stock Markets after the CrisesCalverley, John; Hewin, Sarah; Grice, Kevin
2000 Some considerations on China's minorities in the 21st century: Conflict or conciliation?Heberer, Thomas
2000 The political economy of pension reform: Latin America in comparative perspectiveHuber, Evelyne; Stephens, John D.
2000 Open Market Operations as a Monetary Policy Shock Measure in a Quantitative Business Cycle ModelHeer, Burkhard; Schabert, Andreas
2000 Choosing Between School SystemsMeier, Volker
2000 Regulating access to international large-value payment systemsHolthausen, Cornelia; Rønde, Thomas
2000 Implications of Information and Communication Technologies for Business RelationsHjarup, Søren; Henten, Anders
2000 Measurement or Management? Revisiting the Productivity Paradox of Information TechnologyMacdonald, Stuart; Anderson, Pat; Kimbel, Dieter
2000 Term Length and the Quality of AppointmentsGlazer, Amihai; Kanniainen, Vesa
2000 The "IT Productivity Paradox" Revisited: International Comparisons of Information Technology, Work Organisation and Productivity in Service IndustriesMason, Geoff; Wagner, Karin; Finegold, David; Keltner, Brent
2000 Vertical Product Differentiation and the Import Demand Function: Theory and EvidenceMalley, Jim; Moutos, Thomas
2000 The Role of Social Security in Household Decisions: Var Estimates of Saving and Fertility Behaviour in GermanyCigno, Alessandro; Casolaro, Luca; Rosati, Furio C.
2000 Income Splitting - is it Good for Both Partners in the Marriage?Wrede, Matthias