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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2020 The aggregation challengeHumphreys, Macartan; Scacco, Alexandra
2020 Hours risk and wage risk: Repercussions over the life-cycleJessen, Robin; König, Johannes
2020 Wholesale price discrimination with regulatory asymmetryAsseyer, Andreas
2020 Effects of life expectancy on economic growth: New results using the flexible Box-Cox power transformation modelOkunade, Albert; Osmani, Ahmad
2020 Names and Behavior in a WarJurajda, Štěpán; Kovač, Dejan
2020 Health Inequality among Chinese Older Adults: The Role of Childhood CircumstancesYan, Binjian; Chen, Xi; Gill, Thomas M.
2020 Prenatal Sunshine Exposure and Birth Outcomes in ChinaZhang, Xin; Wang, Yixuan; Chen, Xi; Zhang, Xun
2020 Social Security Expansion and Neighborhood Cohesion: Evidence from Community-Living Older Adults in ChinaBradley, Elizabeth; Chen, Xi; Tang, Gaojie
2020 Euroscepticism in France: An analysis of actors and causesLikaj, Xhulia; Rieble, Lena; Theuer, Laura
2020 Karl Menger's unfinished biography of his father: New insights into Carl Menger's life through 1889Schumacher, Reinhard; Scheall, Scott
2020 The uneven spread of Global G.A.P. certificationFlachsbarth, Insa; Grassnick, Nina; Brümmer, Bernhard
2020 Effects of state-dependent forward guidance, large-scale asset purchases and fiscal stimulus in a low-interest-rate environmentCoenen, Günter; Montes-Galdón, Carlos; Smets, Frank
2020 Do tax incentives reduce investment quality?Eichfelder, Sebastian; Jacob, Martin; Schneider, Kerstin
2020 Fairtrade, agrochemical input use, and effects on human health and the environmentSellare, Jorge; Meemken, Eva-Maria; Qaim, Matin
2020 Strategic interactions between tax and statutory auditors and different information regimes: Implications for tax audit efficiencyBlaufus, Kay; Schöndube, Jens Robert; Wielenberg, Stefan
2020 Success and failure of renewable energy policies in the EU: A comparative study of Bulgaria and PolandAdachi, Misato
2020 Emission von Bioaerosolen aus Tierhaltungsanlagen: Methoden und Ergebnisse verfügbarer Bioaerosoluntersuchungen in und um landwirtschaftliche NutztierhaltungClauß, Marcus
2020 Emission of bioaerosols from livestock facilities: Methods and results from available bioaerosol investigations in and around agricultural livestock farmingClauß, Marcus
2020 Reforms and Employment in The Egyptian Labor Market: Evolution by Age From 1988 to 2006Selwaness, Irene
2020 The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange and Spatial Price Dispersion: Disentangling Warehouse and Price Information effectsAyalew, Hailemariam; Belay, Dagim G.