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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2021 If You Think 9-Ending Prices Are Low, Think AgainSnir, Avichai; Levy, Daniel
2021 BTI - Togo Country Report: Political and Socio-Economic Development (2019-2021)Kohnert, Dirk
2021 Digitale Transformation im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau. Digitalisierungsstrategien und Gestaltung von Arbeit 4.0Dispan, Jürgen
2021 Liberal land reform in Kazakhstan? The effect on land rental and credit marketsKvartiuk, Vasyl; Petrick, Martin
2021 Promise, Trust and Betrayal: Costs of Breaching an Implicit ContractLevy, Daniel; Young, Andrew T.
2021 Driving factors of direct greenhouse gas emissions from China’s pig industry from 1976 to 2016Dai, Xiao-wen; Sun, Zhanli; Müller, Daniel
2021 Post-Soviet shifts in grazing and fire regimes changed the functional plant community composition on the Eurasian steppeFreitag, Martin; Kamp, Johannes; Dara, Andrey; Kuemmerle, Tobias; Sidorova, Tatyana V.; Stirnemann, Ingrid A.; Velbert, Frederike; Hölzel, Norbert
2021 Mobility under the COVID-19 Pandemic: Asymmetric Effects across Gender and AgeCaselli, Francesca; Grigoli, Francesco; Sandri, Damiano; Spilimbergo, Antonio
2021 Assessing Targeted Containment Policies to Fight COVID-19Checo, Ariadne; Grigoli, Francesco; Mota, Jose M.
2021 IEAs and compliance: Do treaty linkages play a role?Maamoun, Nada
2021 Welfare Impact of Hosting Refugees in EthiopiaAyenew, Ashenafi Belayneh
2021 I’d Like to Move It! Consumption Rivalry in the EV Public Charging Market: Demand Estimation with Deterministic Choice Set VariationSoetevent, Adriaan R.
2021 Ethnic Divisions and the Onset of Civil Wars in SyriaAbosedra, Salah; Fakih, Ali; Haimoun, Nathir
2021 The Effects of Protectionism Developed after the Great Depression on Global Trade: A Macroeconomic AnalysisToptancı, Ali İskan
2021 Parental paternalism and patienceKiessling, Lukas; Chowdhury, Shyamal K.; Schildberg-Hörisch, Hannah; Sutter, Matthias
2021 Endogamous Marriage among Immigrant Groups: The Impact of Deportations under Secure CommunitiesBansak, Cynthia; Pearlman, Sarah
2021 Europe's migration experience and its effects on economic inequalityGuzi, Martin; Kahanec, Martin; Ulceluse, Magdalena M.
2021 Going green with behavioural economics: How to combine business and ethicsEnste, Dominik; Wildner, Julia; Nafziger, Lucia
2021 Terrorism and Voting Behavior: Evidence from the United StatesBaccini, Leonardo; Brodeur, Abel; Nossek, Sean; Shor, Eran
2021 Ecological contradictions of Labour's Green New DealNeal, Luke