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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2018 How to make farming and agricultural extension more nutrition-sensitive: Evidence from a randomized controlled trial in KenyaOgutu, Sylvester Ochieng; Fongar, Andrea; Gödecke, Theda; Jäckering, Lisa; Mwololo, Henry; Njuguna, Michael; Wollni, Meike; Qaim, Matin
2018 Money circulation and debt circulation: A restatement of quantity theory of moneyXing, Xiaoyun; Xiong, Wanting; Chen, Liujun; Chen, Jiawei; Wang, Yougui; Stanley, H. Eugene
2018 Kommunale Unternehmen auf ExpansionskursBardt, Hubertus
2018 Monetary policy and prudential supervision: From functional separation to a holistic approach?Goldmann, Matthias
2018 Digitalization and taxation: Beware ad hoc measuresWeichenrieder, Alfons
2018 Are international environmental policies effective? The case of the Rotterdam and the Stockholm ConventionsNúñez-Rocha, Thaís; Martínez-Zarzoso, Inmaculada
2018 Verteilungsprobleme und Ineffizienz in der KlimapolitikBardt, Hubertus; Schaefer, Thilo
2018 Attracting FDI in middle-skilled supply chainsMoran, Theodore; Görg, Holger; Serič, Adnan; Krieger-Boden, Christiane
2018 Sufficient conditions of stochastic dominance for general transformations and its application in option strategyGao, Jianwei; Zhao, Feng; Gu, Yundong
2018 What moves the Beveridge curve and the Phillips curve: An agent-based analysisChen, Siyan; Desiderio, Saul
2018 Social aspirations in European banks: peer-influenced risk behaviorLyócsa, Štefan; Výrost, Tomáš; Baumöhl, Eduard
2018 Financial Constraints and Firm Capital Structure in KenyaKirui, Benard Kipyegon; Gor, Seth Omondi
2018 Optimal fiscal policy with utility-enhancing government spending, consumption taxation and a common income tax rate: the case of BulgariaVasilev, Aleksandar
2018 Do Alimony Regulations Matter inside Marriage? Evidence from the 2008 Reform of the German Maintenance LawSchaubert, Marianna
2018 Formal insurance, risk sharing, and the dynamics of other-regarding preferencesFreudenreich, Hanna; Ibanez, Marcela; Dietrich, Stephan; Musshoff, Oliver
2018 The Signal of Applying for a Job Under a Vacancy Referral SchemeVan Belle, Eva; Caers, Ralf; De Couck, Marijke; Di Stasio, Valentina; Baert, Stijn
2018 Reducing inequalities and strengthening social cohesion through inclusive growth: A roadmap for actionBoarini, Romina; Causa, Orsetta; Fleurbaey, Marc; Grimalda, Gianluca; Woolard, Ingrid
2018 Innovative green-technology SMEs as an opportunity to promote financial de-riskingVerdolini, Elena; Bak, Céline; Ruet, Joël; Venkatachalam, Anbumozhi
2018 Deals and Development: The Political Dynamics of Growth EpisodesSen, Kunal; Pritchett, Lant; Werker, Eric
2018 Finanzsektor: Frauenanteile in Spitzengremien steigen langsamer als zu Beginn des Jahrzehnts - Geschlechterparität bleibt in weiter FerneHolst, Elke; Wrohlich, Katharina