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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2017 Ambiguities of social Europe: Political agenda setting among trade unionists from Central and Eastern Europe and Western EuropeSeeliger, Martin
2017 Intra-household allocation of non-mandatory retirement savingsMetzger, Christoph
2017 "Education is the driving force for labor market integration": Seven questions for Stefan BachBach, Stefan; Wittenberg, Erich
2017 "The gap between the rich and the poor keeps growing": Seven questions for Markus M. GrabkaGrabka, Markus M.; Wittenberg, Erich
2017 Financial sector: Banks fall behind and now have a lower proportion of women on executive and advisory boards than insurance companiesHolst, Elke; Wrohlich, Katharina
2017 Real income rose significantly between 1991 and 2014 on average: First indication of return to increased income inequalityGrabka, Markus M.; Goebel, Jan
2017 SOEP-Core v32 - KIDLONG: Pooled dataset on childrenDIW Berlin / SOEP
2017 SOEP-Core v32 - PPFADDIW Berlin / SOEP
2017 How we fall apart: Similarities of human aging in 10 European countriesAbeliansky, Ana Lucia; Strulik, Holger
2017 Riots and the window of opportunity for coup plotters: Evidence on the link between urban protests and coups d'étatGerling, Lena
2017 Administrative Wage and Labor Market Flow Panel (AWFP) 1975-2014Seth, Stefan; Stüber, Heiko
2017 Financial frictions and regime switching: The role of collateral asset in emerging stock marketAwijen, Haithem; Hammami, Sami
2017 Die Bedeutung von Situiertheit für die praktische Konstitution von Konsultationsnetzwerken in F&ERoth, Philip
2017 The use of SME tax incentives in the European UnionBergner, Sören Martin; Bräutigam, Rainer; Evers, Maria Theresia; Spengel, Christoph
2017 The effect of institutional ownership on firm innovation: Evidence from Chinese listed firmsRong, Zhao; Wu, Xiaokai; Boeing, Philipp
2017 Cost-effectiveness and incidence of renewable energy promotion in GermanyBöhringer, Christoph; Landis, Florian; Tovar Reaños, Miguel Angel
2017 The implications of book-tax differences: A meta-analysisEvers, Maria Theresia; Meier, Ina; Nicolay, Katharina
2017 Sources of economic growth in MENA countries: A Harrod-neutral technological progress identification frameworkSenay, Acikgöz; Ali, Mohamed Sami Ben; Mert, Merter
2017 SOEP-Core v32 - Documentation of household-related status and generated variables in $HGENDIW Berlin / SOEP
2017 SOEP-Core v32 - Person-related variables on children in $KINDDIW Berlin / SOEP