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1999To what Extent are Public Pensions Pareto-improving? On the Interaction of Means Tested Basic Income and Public PensionsFenge, Robert; von Weizsäcker, Jakob
2000How Much Fiscal Equalisation?Fenge, Robert; von Weizsäcker, Jakob
2002Demographiefest: Rentenfinanzen und Lebenserwartungvon Weizsäcker, Jakob; Werding, Martin
2003The Hayek Pension: An efficient minimum pension to complement the welfare statevon Weizsäcker, Jakob
2006Mixing Bismarck and child pension systems: an optimum taxation approachFenge, Robert; von Weizsäcker, Jakob
2006"Generation Enkellos" und Rentenbeitragsrabatt für ElternFenge, Robert; von Weizsäcker, Jakob
2008Public pensions and intra-EU mobility: An unfinished agendavon Weizsäcker, Jakob; Fenge, Robert
2009Cyclical Dimensions of Labour Mobility after EU EnlargementAhearne, Alan; Brücker, Herbert; Darvas, Zsolt; von Weizsäcker, Jakob
2009Can a less boring ECB remain accountable?Pisani-Ferry, Jean; von Weizsäcker, Jakob
2009EU stimulus packages. Estimating the size of the European stimulus packages for 2009: an updateSaha, David; von Weizsäcker, Jakob
2009Cyclical dimensions of labour mobility after EU enlargementAhearnea, Alan; Brücker, Herbert; Darvasa, Zsolt; von Weizsäcker, Jakob
2010Financial Transaction Tax: Small is BeautifulDarvas, Zsolt; von Weizsäcker, Jakob
2010Financial-transaction tax: small is beautifulDarvas, Zsolt; von Weizsäcker, Jakob
2011Eurobonds: The blue bond concept and its implicationsDelpla, Jaques; von Weizsäcker, Jakob
2021Unternehmenshilfen in der Coronakrise: Ein ZwischenstandFabig, Holger; Meyer, Steffen; von Weizsäcker, Jakob