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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Exploring the role of uncertainty for corporate investment decisions in Germanyvon Kalckreuth, Ulf
2001 Monetary transmission in Germany: New Perspectives on Financial Constraints and Investment Spendingvon Kalckreuth, Ulf
2001 Firm Investment and Monetary Policy Transmission in the Euro Areavon Kalckreuth, Ulf; Hernando, Ignacio; Generale, Andrea; Chatelain, Jean Bernard; Vermeulen, Philip
2002 Further Evidence On The Relationship Between Firm Investment And Financial Statusvon Kalckreuth, Ulf; Chirinko, Robert S.
2002 Der finanzielle Akzelerator in der monetären Transmissionvon Kalckreuth, Ulf
2002 Monetary Transmission in the New Economy: Service Life of Capital, Transmission Channels and the Speed of Adjustmentvon Kalckreuth, Ulf; Schröder, Jürgen
2003 On the German Monetary Transmission Mechanism: Interest Rate and Credit Channels for Investment SpendingChirinko, Robert S.; von Kalckreuth, Ulf
2003 A Vectorautoregressive Investment Model (VIM) and Monetary Policy Transmission: Panel Evidence from German Firmsvon Kalckreuth, Ulf; Chirinko, Robert S.; Breitung, Jörg
2004 Financial constraints for investors and the speed of adaptation: Are innovators special?von Kalckreuth, Ulf
2005 Financial constraints and capacity adjustment in the United Kingdom: Evidence from a large panel of survey datavon Kalckreuth, Ulf; Murphy, Emma
2005 A "wreckers theory" of financial distressvon Kalckreuth, Ulf
2006 Dependence on external finance: an inherent industry characteristic?von Kalckreuth, Ulf; von Furstenberg, George M.
2007 Testing for contemporary fiscal policy discretion with real time datavon Kalckreuth, Ulf; Wolff, Guntram B.
2008 Panel estimation of state dependent adjustment when the target is unobservedvon Kalckreuth, Ulf
2008 Financing constraints, firm level adjustment of capital and aggregate implicationsvon Kalckreuth, Ulf
2009 Choosing and using payment instruments: evidence from German microdatavon Kalckreuth, Ulf; Schmidt, Tobias; Stix, Helmut
2010 Bubbles and incentives: A post-mortem of the Neuer Markt in Germanyvon Kalckreuth, Ulf; Silbermann, Leonid
2011 Using cash to monitor liquidity: Implications for payments, currency demand and withdrawal behaviorvon Kalckreuth, Ulf; Schmidt, Tobias; Stix, Helmut
2012 The PHF: A comprehensive panel survey on household finances and wealth in Germanyvon Kalckreuth, Ulf; Eisele, Martin; Le Blanc, Julia; Schmidt, Tobias; Zhu, Junyi
2019 Statistical governance and FDI in emerging economiesvon Kalckreuth, Ulf