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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012Making the Grade: How Do European Higher-Education Systems Score Internationally?van der Ploeg, Rick
2012Green havens and pollution havensPoelhekke, Steven; van der Ploeg, Rick
2012Breakthrough renewables and the green paradoxvan der Ploeg, Rick
2016Saving Alberta's Resource Revenues: Role of Intergenerational and Liquidity Fundsvan den Bremer, Ton S.; van der Ploeg, Rick
2017Should Pollution Taxes be Targeted at Income Redistribution?Jacobs, Bas; van der Ploeg, Rick
2017The Safe Carbon Budgetvan der Ploeg, Rick
2017Climate Policies under Climate Model Uncertainty: Max-Min and Min-Max RegretRezai, Armon; van der Ploeg, Rick
2018Non-Cooperative and Cooperative Climate Policies with Anticipated Breakthrough TechnologyJaakkola, Niko; van der Ploeg, Rick
2018Steering the Climate System: An Extended CommentMattauch, Linus; Millar, Richard; van der Ploeg, Rick; Rezai, Armon; Schultes, Anselm; Venmans, Frank; Bauer, Nico; Dietz, Simon; Edenhofer, Ottmar; Farrell, Niall; Hepburn, Cameron; Luderer, Gunnar; Pless, Jacquelyn; Spuler, Fiona; FBA, Nicholas Stern; Teytelboym, Alexander
2018Simple Rules for Climate Policy and Integrated Assessmentvan der Ploeg, Rick; Rezai, Armon
2019The Risk of Policy Tipping and Stranded Carbon Assetsvan der Ploeg, Rick; Rezai, Armon
2019The risk-adjusted carbon pricevan den Bremer, Ton S.; van der Ploeg, Rick
2019Stranded Assets in the Transition to a Carbon-Free Economyvan der Ploeg, Rick; Rezai, Armon
2020Are Economists Getting Climate Dynamics Right and Does It Matter?Dietz, Simon; van der Ploeg, Rick; Rezai, Armon; Venmans, Frank
2020Asset Diversification versus Climate ActionHambel, Christoph; Kraft, Holger; van der Ploeg, Rick
2020Optimal Carbon Pricing in General Equilibrium Revisited: Damages, Depreciation, and Discountingvan der Ploeg, Rick; Rezai, Armon
2020Commit to a credible path of rising CO2 pricesvan Wijnbergen, Sweder; van der Ploeg, Rick; Olijslagers, Stan
2020Do We Still Need Carbon-Intensive Capital When Transitioning to a Green Economy?Jin, Wei; van der Ploeg, Rick; Zhang, Lin
2021Gathering Support for Green Tax Reform: Evidence from German Household Surveysvan der Ploeg, Rick; Rezai, Armon; Tovar, Miguel
2021Oil discoveries and protectionism: role of news effectsSebastian-Perez, Fidel; Raveh, Ohad; van der Ploeg, Rick