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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 Beyond the Dogma of the Fixed Book Price Agreementvan der Ploeg, Frederick
2003 Rolling Back the Public Sector - Differential Effects on Employment, Investment and Growthvan der Ploeg, Frederick
2003 Do Social Policies Harm Employment and Growth?van der Ploeg, Frederick
2004 The welfare state redistribution and the economy : reciprocal altruism, consumer rivalry and second bestvan der Ploeg, Frederick
2005 The making of cultural policy : a European perspectivevan der Ploeg, Frederick
2005 Back to Keynes?van der Ploeg, Frederick
2005 The economics of booksCanoy, Marcel F. M.; van Ours, Jan C.; van der Ploeg, Frederick
2006 Sustainable social spending in a greying economy with stagnant public services: Baumol's cost disease revisitedvan der Ploeg, Frederick
2007 Prudent budgetary policy: political economy of precautionary taxationvan der Ploeg, Frederick
2007 Higher education reform and the renewed Lisbon Strategy: role of member states and the European Commissionvan der Ploeg, Frederick; Veugelers, Reinhilde
2008 Reforming European universities: scope for an evidence-based processVeugelers, Reinhilde; van der Ploeg, Frederick
2008 Growth, foreign direct investment and urban concentrations: unbundling spatial lagsPoelhekke, Steven; van der Ploeg, Frederick
2008 Globalization and the rise of mega-cities in the developing worldvan der Ploeg, Frederick; Poelhekke, Steven
2009 Is Norway's bird-in-hand stabilization fund prudent enough? : fiscal reactions to hydrocarbon windfalls and graying populationsHarding, Torfinn; van der Ploeg, Frederick
2009 The volatility curse: revisiting the paradox of plentyvan der Ploeg, Frederick; Poelhekke, Steven
2009 Harnessing windfall revenues: optimal policies for resource-rich developing economiesvan der Ploeg, Frederick; Venables, Anthony J.
2010 Is there really a green paradox?van der Ploeg, Frederick; Withagen, Cees A.
2010 Aggressive oil extraction and precautionary saving: Coping with volatilityvan der Ploeg, Frederick
2010 Do natural resources depress income per capita?Arezki, Rabah; van der Ploeg, Frederick
2010 Is there really a Green Paradox?van der Ploeg, Frederick; Withagen, Cees