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1997Structural Aspects of the Labor Markets of Five OECD CountriesRidder, Geert; de Visser, Niels; van den Berg, Gerard
2002An econometric analysis of the mental-health effects of major events in the life of older individualsLindeboom, Maarten; Portrait, France; van den Berg, Gerard
2005Social experiments and instrumental variables with duration outcomesAbbring, Jaap; van den Berg, Gerard
2007Active labor market policy effects for women in Europe: A surveyBergemann, Annette; van den Berg, Gerard
2007An economic analysis of exclusion restrictions for instrumental variable estimationvan den Berg, Gerard
2007Inequality in individual mortality and economic conditions earlier in lifevan den Berg, Gerard; Lindeboom, Maarten; Lopéz, Marta
2008The aggregate labor market effects of the Swedish knowledge lift programAlbrecht, James; van den Berg, Gerard; Vroman, Susan
2010The matching method for treatment evaluation with selective participation and ineligiblesCosta Dias, Monica; Ichimura, Hidehiko; van den Berg, Gerard
2011Inference for shared-frailty survival models with left-truncated datavan den Berg, Gerard; Drepper, Bettina
2012Long-run effects of gestation during the Dutch hunger winter famine on labor market and hospitalization outcomesScholte, Robert S.; van den Berg, Gerard; Lindeboom, Maarten
2015Under heavy pressure: Intense monitoring and accumulation of sanctions for young welfare recipients in Germanyvan den Berg, Gerard; Uhlendorff, Arne; Wolff, Joachim
2016Randomizing information on a targeted wage support program for older workers: A field experimentStephan, Gesine; van den Berg, Gerard; Homrighausen, Pia
2016The Effects of a Universal Child Care Reform on Child Health – Evidence from SwedenSiflinger, Bettina; van den Berg, Gerard