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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1993 A Life Cycle Labour Supply Model with Taxes Estimated on German Panel Data: The Case of Parallel PreferencesLaisney, François; Lechner, Michael; van Soest, Arthur; Wagenhals, Gerhard
1998 The Relation between Financial and Housing Wealth of Dutch HouseholdsHochguertel, Stefan; van Soest, Arthur
2000 A Structural Labour Supply Model with Nonparametric Preferencesvan Soest, Arthur; Das, Marcel; Gong, Xiaodong
2000 Family Structure and Female Labour Supply in Mexico CityGong, Xiaodong; van Soest, Arthur
2000 Parametric and Semiparametric Estimation in Models with Misclassified Categorical Dependent VariablesDustmann, Christian; van Soest, Arthur
2000 Sexual Bias and Household Consumption: A Semiparametric Analysis of Engel Curves in Rural ChinaGong, Xiaodong; van Soest, Arthur; Zhang, Ping
2000 Mobility in the Urban Labor Market: A Panel Data Analysis for MexicoGong, Xiaodong; van Soest, Arthur; Villagomez, Elizabeth
2001 Non-take-up of Tax-favored Savings Plans: Are Household Portfolios Optimal?Alessie, Rob; Hochguertel, Stefan; van Soest, Arthur
2001 Wage Differentials and Mobility in the Urban Labor Market: A Panel Data Analysis for MexicoGong, Xiaodong; van Soest, Arthur
2002 Class Size, Education, and WagesDustmann, Christian; Rajah, Najma; van Soest, Arthur
2002 Semi-parametric models for satisfaction with incomeBellemare, Charles; Melenberg, Bertrand; van Soest, Arthur
2004 In-School Work Experience, Parental Allowances, and WagesDustmann, Christian; Micklewright, John; van Soest, Arthur
2004 International Comparisons of Work DisabilityBanks, James; Kapteyn, Arie; Smith, James P.; van Soest, Arthur
2004 Health and Wealth of Elderly Couples : Causality Tests Using Dynamic Panel Data ModelsMichaud, Pierre-Carl; van Soest, Arthur
2005 Actions and beliefs: estimating distribution-based preferences using a large scale experiment with probability questions on expectationsBellemare, Charles; Kröger, Sabine; van Soest, Arthur
2006 Effects of attrition and non-response in the health and retirement studyKapteyn, Arie; Michaud, Pierre-Carl; Smith, James P.; van Soest, Arthur
2006 Birth spacing, fertility and neonatal mortality in India: dynamics, frailty and fecundityBhalotra, Sonia; van Soest, Arthur
2007 Tax structure and female labour market participation: Evidence from IrelandCallan , Tim; van Soest, Arthur; Walsh, J. R.
2007 Validating the use of vignettes for subjective threshold scalesvan Soest, Arthur; Delaney, Liam; Harmon, Colm; Kapteyn, Arie; Smith, James P.
2007 Preferences, intentions, and expectations: a large-scale experiment with a representative subject poolBellemare, Charles; Kröger, Sabine; van Soest, Arthur