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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003 A Framework for Quality of Life Assessment of Urban Green Areas in Europe; An application to District Park Reudnitz Leipzigvan Leeuwen, Eveline; Rodenburg, Caroline; Vreeker, Ron
2003 A Comparative study of Integrated River Basin Projects in Europevan Leeuwen, Eveline; Vreeker, Ron; Bruinsma, Frank
2011 THE USEFULNESS OF ANALYTICAL TOOLS FOR SUSTAINABLE FUTURESAkgün, Aliye Ahu; van Leeuwen, Eveline; Nijkamp, Peter
2011 Importance of E-services for Cultural Tourismvan Leeuwen, Eveline; Nijkamp, Peter
2012 Urban Tourist Complexes as Multi-Product Companies: Market Segmentation and Product Differentiation in AmsterdamRomão, João; Neuts, Bart; Nijkamp, Peter; van Leeuwen, Eveline
2012 Agent-Based Spatial Competitionvan Leeuwen, Eveline; Lijesen, Mark
2013 Digital Destinations in the Tourist Sector: A Path Model for the Impact of e-Services on Tourist Expenditures in AmsterdamNeuts, Bart; Romao, Joao; Nijkamp, Peter; van Leeuwen, Eveline
2013 Assessment of Local Key Sectors in a Triple-Layer Spatial Systemvan Leeuwen, Eveline; Ishikawa, Yoshifumi; Nijkamp, Peter
2013 Crowding Externalities from Tourist Use of Urban SpaceNeuts, Bart; Nijkamp, Peter; van Leeuwen, Eveline
2013 Describing the Relationships between Tourist Satisfaction and Destination Loyalty in a Segmented and Digitalized MarketNeuts, Bart; Romão, João; van Leeuwen, Eveline; Nijkamp, Peter
2013 Residents’ Appreciation of Cultural Heritage in Tourist Centres - A Micro-simulation Modelling Approach to Amsterdamvan Leeuwen, Eveline; Kourtit, Karima; Nijkamp, Peter
2018 Well-being effects of self-employment: A spatial inquiryAbreu, Maria; Öner, Özge; Brouwer, Aleid Elizabeth; van Leeuwen, Eveline