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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Employment change, job access and migrationvan Ham, Maarten; Atzema, Oedzge
2002 Overeducation, Regional Labour Markets and Spatial FlexibilityBüchel, Felix; van Ham, Maarten
2004 Females? Willingness to Work and the Discouragement Effect of a Poor Local Childcare Provisionvan Ham, Maarten; Büchel, Felix
2004 Unwilling or Unable? : Spatial, Institutional and Socio-Economic Restrictions on Females' Labor Market Accessvan Ham, Maarten; Büchel, Felix
2009 The effect of neighbourhood housing tenure mix on labour market outcomes: a longitudinal perspectivevan Ham, Maarten; Manley, David
2010 Right to buy... time to move? Investigating the effect of the right to buy on moving behaviour in the UKvan Ham, Maarten; Williamson, Lee; Feijten, Peteke; Boyle, Paul
2010 Social mobility: is there an advantage in being English in Scotland?van Ham, Maarten; Findlay, Allan; Manley, David; Feijten, Peteke
2011 Ethnic dimensions of suburbanisation in EstoniaTammaru, Tiit; van Ham, Maarten; Leetmaa, Kadri; Kährik, Anneli
2011 Pre-hire factors and workplace ethnic segregationStrömgren, Magnus; Tammaru, Tiit; van Ham, Maarten; Marcinczak, Szymon; Stjernström, Olof; Lindgren, Urban
2011 Does migration make you happy? A longitudinal study of internal migration and subjective well-beingNowok, Beata; van Ham, Maarten; Findlay, Allan M.; Gayle, Vernon
2011 Social mixing as a cure for negative neighbourhood effects: Evidence based policy or urban myth?Manley, David; van Ham, Maarten; Doherty, Joe
2011 Partner (dis)agreement on moving desires and the subsequent moving behaviour of couplesCoulter, Rory; van Ham, Maarten; Feijten, Peteke
2011 Socio-spatial mobility in British societyClark, William A. V.; van Ham, Maarten; Coulter, Rory
2011 Contextualised mobility histories of moving desires and actual moving behaviourCoulter, Rory; van Ham, Maarten
2011 Testing the "residential rootedness"-hypothesis of self-employment for Germany and the UKReuschke, Darja; van Ham, Maarten
2011 The impact of union dissolution on moving distances and destinations in the UKFeijten, Peteke; van Ham, Maarten
2012 Intergenerational transmission of neighbourhood poverty in Sweden: An innovative analysis of individual neighbourhood historiesvan Ham, Maarten; Hedman, Lina; Manley, David; Coulter, Rory
2012 Cumulative exposure to disadvantage and the intergenerational transmission of neighbourhood effectsHedman, Lina; Manley, David; van Ham, Maarten; Östh, John
2012 Neighbourhood effects research at a crossroads: Ten challenges for future researchvan Ham, Maarten; Manley, David
2012 Socio-spatial transformations, suburbanisation, and voting behaviour in the Vilnius urban regionUbarevičienė, Rūta; Burneika, Donatas; van Ham, Maarten