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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000An Empirical Investigation into Exchange Rate Regime Choice and Exchange Rate VolatilityBerger, Helge; Sturm, Jan-Egbert; de Haan, Jakob
2000Is there Really a European Business Cycle?Inklaar, Robert; de Haan, Jakob
2001Inflation in Developing Countries: Does Central Bank Independence Matter?Sturm, Jan-Egbert; de Haan, Jakob
2001Convergence of Monetary Transmission in EMU New EvidenceToolsema, Linda A.; Sturm, Jan-Egbert; de Haan, Jakob
2001How to Reduce Inflation: An Independent Central Bank or A Currency Board? The Experience of the Baltic Countriesde Haan, Jakob; Berger, Helge; van Fraassen, Erik
2001Capital Controls and Exchange Rate Regimes: An Empirical InvestigationBerger, Helge; Sturm, Jan-Egbert; de Haan, Jakob
2002IMF Credit: How Important Are Political Factors? A Robustness AnalysisSturm, Jan-Egbert; Berger, Helge; de Haan, Jakob
2002How to Use Indicators for 'Corporatism' in Empirical ApplicationsLeertouwer, Erik; de Haan, Jakob
2003How Important are Foreign Banks in the Financial Development of European Transition Countries?Naaborg, Ilko; Scholtens, Bert; de Haan, Jakob; Bol, Hanneke; de Haas, Ralph
2003The end of stability and growth pact?de Haan, Jakob; Berger, Helge; Jansen, David-Jan
2003The End of the Stability and Growth Pact?de Haan, Jakob; Berger, Helge; Jansen, David-Jan
2003Restructuring the ECBBerger, Helge; de Haan, Jakob; Inklaar, Robert
2003Statements of ECB Officials and their Effect on the Level and Volatility of the Euro-Dollar Exchange RateJansen, David-Jan; de Haan, Jakob
2004Which variables explain decisions on IMF credit? An extreme bounds analysisSturm, Jan-Egbert; Berger, Helge; de Haan, Jakob
2004Look who's talking : ECB communication during the first years of EMUJansen, David-Jan; de Haan, Jakob
2004Credibility and Transparency of Central Banks: New Results Based on Ifo's World Economicy SurveyWaller, Sandra; de Haan, Jakob
2004Asymmetric monetary transmission in EMU : the robustness of VAR conclusions and Cecchettis legal family theoryElbourne, Adam; de Haan, Jakob
2005Trade and business cycle synchronization in OECD countries : a re-examinationInklaar, Robert; Jong-A-Pin, Richard; de Haan, Jakob
2005Public capital and economic growth: A critical surveyRomp, Ward E.; de Haan, Jakob
2005Government debt management in the euro area - recent theoretical developments and changes in practicesWolswijk, Guido; de Haan, Jakob