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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2007 Job-worker mismatch and cognitive declinede Grip, Andries; Bosma, Hans; Willems, Dick; Boxtel, Martin van
2009 Shattered dreams: the effects of changing the pension system late in the gamede Grip, Andries; Lindeboom, Maarten; Montizaan, Raymond
2009 What affects international migration of European science and engineering graduates?de Grip, Andries; Fouarge, Didier; Sauermann, Jan
2011 The effects of training on own and co-worker productivity: Evidence from a field experimentde Grip, Andries; Sauermann, Jan
2011 The role of peers in estimating tenure-performance profiles: Evidence from personnel datade Grip, Andries; Sauermann, Jan; Sieben, Inge
2012 Negative reciprocity and retrenched pension rightsMontizaan, Raymond; Cörvers, Frank; de Grip, Andries; Dohmen, Thomas
2012 "Employability-miles" and worker employability awarenessGerards, Ruud; de Grip, Andries; Witlox, Maaike
2013 The relation between maternal work hours and cognitive outcomes of young school-aged childrenKünn-Nelen, Annemarie; de Grip, Andries; Fouarge, Didier
2013 How sensitive are individual retirement expectations to raising the retirement age?de Grip, Andries; Fouarge, Didier; Montizaan, Raymond
2013 Terrorism and Integration of Muslim ImmigrantsElsayed, Ahmed; de Grip, Andries
2014 Job Tasks, Computer Use, and the Decreasing Part-Time Pay Penalty for Women in the UKElsayed, Ahmed; de Grip, Andries; Fouarge, Didier
2015 The importance of informal learning at workde Grip, Andries
2015 Training Access, Reciprocity, and Expected Retirement AgeMontizaan, Raymond; de Grip, Andries; Fouarge, Didier
2015 Conspicuous Work: Peer Working Time, Labour Supply and Happiness for Male WorkersCollewet, Marion; de Grip, Andries; de Koning, Jaap
2015 Education and Growth with Learning by DoingMarconi, Gabriele; de Grip, Andries
2015 Gradual Retirement, Financial Incentives, and Labour Supply of Older Workers: Evidence from a Stated Preference AnalysisElsayed, Ahmed; de Grip, Andries; Fouarge, Didier; Montizaan, Raymond
2015 Does Informal Learning at Work Differ between Temporary and Permanent Workers? Evidence from 20 OECD CountriesFerreira Sequeda, Maria; de Grip, Andries; Van der Velden, Rolf
2016 Locus of Control and Investment in Risky AssetsSalamanca, Nicolas; de Grip, Andries; Fouarge, Didier; Montizaan, Raymond
2016 Work-Related Learning and Skill Development in Europe: Does Initial Skill Mismatch Matter?Ferreira Sequeda, Maria; Künn-Nelen, Annemarie; de Grip, Andries
2016 Is There a Rationale to Contact the Unemployed Right from the Start? Evidence from a Natural Field Experimentvan Landeghem, Bert; Cörvers, Frank; de Grip, Andries