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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998Diagnostic Tools for Nonlinearity in Spatial Modelsde Graaff, Thomas; Florax, Raymond J.G.M.; Nijkamp, Peter; Reggiani, Aura
2000Estimating The Effect Of Labour Market Absorption Of Ethnic MinoritiesGorter, Cees; de Graaff, Thomas; Nijkamp, Peter
2001Resilience: An Evolutionary Approach to Spatial Economic SystemsReggiani, Aura; de Graaff, Thomas; Nijkamp, Peter
2001Effects of Ethnic Geographical Clustering on Educational Attainment in the Netherlandsde Graaff, Thomas; Gorter, Cees; Nijkamp, Peter
2003ICT and Substitution between Out-of-home and At-home Work; the Importance of Timingde Graaff, Thomas; Rietveld, Piet
2004Ethnic Concentration and Human Capital Formationde Graaff, Thomas; de Groot, Henri L.F.
2004Telework, Frequency of Working Out-of-home, and Commuting: A Labor Supply Model and an Application to the Netherlandsde Graaff, Thomas; Rietveld, Piet
2005The WTP for Facilities at the Amsterdam Zuidasde Graaff, Thomas; de Groot, Henri L.F.; Rodenburg, Caroline A.; Verhoef, Erik T.
2010Welfare Effects of Road Pricing and Traffic Information under Alternative Ownership RegimesGubins, Sergejs; Verhoef, Erik T.; de Graaff, Thomas
2011Regional Population-Employment Dynamics across Different Sectors of the Economyde Graaff, Thomas; van Oort, Frank G.; Florax, Raymond J.G.M.
2012Social interaction and the spatial concentration of criminalityde Graaff, Thomas; Rouwendal, Jan; Bernasco, Wim; Steenbeek, Wouter
2012Product Heterogeneity, Intangible Barriers and Distance Decay: The Effect of Multiple Dimensions of Distance on Trade across Different Product CategoriesLankhuizen, Maureen B.M.; de Graaff, Thomas; de Groot, Henri L.F.
2012Social Interactions and Crime revisited: An Investigation using Individual Offender Data in Dutch NeighborhoodsBernasco, Wim; de Graaff, Thomas; Rouwendal, Jan; Steenbeek, Wouter
2012Product Heterogeneity, Intangible Barriers & Distance Decay: The effect of multiple dimensions of distance on trade across different product categoriesLankhuizen, Maureen; de Graaff, Thomas; De Groot, Henri
2012Living and working in ethnic enclaves: Language proficiency of immigrants in US metropolitan areasBeckhusen, Julia; Florax, Raymond J. G. M.; de Graaff, Thomas; Poot, Jacques; Waldorf, Brigitte
2014Cultural diversity and cultural distance as choice determinants of migration destinationWang, Zhiling; de Graaff, Thomas; Nijkamp, Peter
2014Cultural Diversity and Cultural Distance as Choice Determinants of Migration DestinationWang, Zhiling; de Graaff, Thomas; Nijkamp, Peter
2015WooW-II: Workshop on open workflowsArribas-Bel, Daniel; de Graaff, Thomas
2017Demographic Aging and Employment Dynamics in German Regions: Modeling Regional Heterogeneityde Graaff, Thomas; Arribas-Bel, Daniel; Ozgen, Ceren
2017Look Who’s Talking: On the Heterogeneous Returns to Foreign Language Use at Work among Natives and Migrants in EuropeWang, Zhiling; de Graaff, Thomas; Nijkamp, Peter