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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 ICT, skills, and organisational change: Evidence from a panel of Italian manufacturing firmsGiuri, Paola; Torrisi, Salvatore; Zinovyeva, Natalia
2009 Stimulating graduates' research-oriented careers: Does academic research matter?Sylos Labini, Mauro; Zinovyeva, Natalia
2011 Does gender matter for academic promotion? Evidence from a randomized natural experimentZinovyeva, Natalia; Bagues, Manuel F.
2012 The role of connections in academic promotionsZinovyeva, Natalia; Bagues, Manuel F.
2014 Immigration and student achievement in Spain: Evidence from PISAZinovyeva, Natalia; Felgueroso, Florentino; Vazquez, Pablo
2014 Do gender quotas pass the test? Evidence from academic evaluations in ItalyBagues, Manuel; Sylos-Labini, Mauro; Zinovyeva, Natalia
2015 Connections in Scientific Committees and Applicants' Self-Selection: Evidence from a Natural Randomized ExperimentBagues, Manuel F.; Sylos-Labini, Mauro; Zinovyeva, Natalia
2015 Does the Gender Composition of Scientific Committees Matter?Bagues, Manuel F.; Sylos-Labini, Mauro; Zinovyeva, Natalia
2017 A walk on the wild side: An investigation into the quantity and quality of "predatory" publications in Italian academiaBagues, Manuel F.; Sylos Labini, Mauro; Zinovyeva, Natalia
2017 A Walk on the Wild Side: 'Predatory' Journals and Information Asymmetries in Scientific EvaluationsBagues, Manuel F.; Sylos-Labini, Mauro; Zinovyeva, Natalia
2018 Gender Identity, Co-Working Spouses and Relative Income within HouseholdsZinovyeva, Natalia; Tverdostup, Maryna