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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1995 Analyzing the Employment Status with Panel Data from the GSOEP: A Comparison of the MECOSA and the GEE1 Approach for Marginal ModelsZiegler, Andreas; Arminger, Gerhard
2001 Simulated z-tests in multinomial probit modelsZiegler, Andreas
2001 Employment changes in environmentally innovative firmsRennings, Klaus; Ziegler, Andreas; Zwick, Thomas
2002 Der Einfluss ökologischer und sozialer Nachhaltigkeit auf den Shareholder Value europäischer AktiengesellschaftenSchröder, Michael; Rennings, Klaus; Ziegler, Andreas
2002 Simulated Classical Tests in the Multiperiod Multinomial Probit ModelZiegler, Andreas
2003 Multifaktormodelle zur Erklärung deutscher Aktienrenditen: eine empirische AnalyseStehle, Richard; Schulz, Anja; Schröder, Michael; Eberts, Elke; Ziegler, Andreas
2003 The Influence of the EU Environmental Management and Auditing Scheme on Environmental Innovations and Competitiveness in Germany: An Analysis on the Basis of Case Studies and a Large-Scale SurveyHoffmann, Esther; Ankele, Kathrin; Ziegler, Andreas; Rennings, Klaus; Nill, Jan
2004 Integrated Product Policy and Environmental Product Innovations: An Empirical AnalysisRehfeld, Katharina-Maria; Rennings, Klaus; Ziegler, Andreas
2004 Determinants of Environmental Innovations in Germany: Do Organizational Measures Matter? A Discrete Choice Analysis at the Firm LevelRennings, Klaus; Ziegler, Andreas
2006 What Determines the Inclusion in a Sustainability Stock Index? A Panel Data Analysis for European CompaniesZiegler, Andreas; Schröder, Michael
2006 Environmentally oriented energy policy and stock returns: an empirical analysisOberndorfer, Ulrich; Ziegler, Andreas
2006 Green management and green technology - exploring the causal relationshipNogareda, Jazmin Seijas; Ziegler, Andreas
2006 On the Importance of Equity in International Climate Policy: An Empirical AnalysisLange, Andreas; Vogt, Carsten; Ziegler, Andreas
2007 On the Self-serving Use of Equity Principles in International Climate NegotiationsLange, Andreas; Löschel, Andreas; Vogt, Carsten; Ziegler, Andreas
2008 The Effect of CSR on Stock Performance: New Evidence for the USA and Europevon Arx, Urs; Ziegler, Andreas
2008 Disentangling Specific Subsets of Innovations : A Micro-Econometric Analysis of their DeterminantsZiegler, Andreas
2008 Clean and Productive? Evidence from the German Manufacturing IndustryOberndorfer, Ulrich; Moslener, Ulf; Böhringer, Christoph; Ziegler, Andreas
2009 Is it Beneficial to be Included in a Sustainability Stock Index? A Panel Data Study for European FirmsZiegler, Andreas
2009 Corporate Responses to Climate Change and Financial Performance: The Impact of Climate PolicyZiegler, Andreas; Busch, Timo; Hoffmann, Volker H.
2010 Individual Characteristics and Stated Preferences for Alternative Energy Sources and Propulsion Technologies in Vehicles: A Discrete Choice AnalysisZiegler, Andreas