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2013 Top-down vs. bottom-up: The long-term impact of government ideology and personal experience on valuesZiebarth, Nicolas; Wagner, Gert G.
2013 Analyzing Regional Variation in Health Care Utilization Using (Rich) Household MicrodataEibich, Peter; Ziebarth, Nicolas
2013 The effects of expanding the generosity of the statutory sickness insurance systemZiebarth, Nicolas; Karlsson, Martin
2013 Examining the Structure of Spatial Health Effects using Hierarchical Bayes ModelsEibich, Peter; Ziebarth, Nicolas
2013 A Model of Worker Investment in Safety and Its Effects on Accidents and WagesGuardado, José R.; Ziebarth, Nicolas
2014 Examining the Structure of Spatial Health Effects in Germany Using Hierarchical Bayes ModelsEibich, Peter; Ziebarth, Nicolas
2015 The pros and cons of sick pay schemes: Testing for contagious presenteeism and shirking behaviorPichler, Stefan; Ziebarth, Nicolas
2016 The host with the most? The effects of the Olympic Games on happinessDolan, Paul; Kavetsos, Georgios; Krekel, Christian; Mavridis, Dimitris; Metcalfe, Robert M.; Senik-Leygonie, Claudia; Szymanski, Stefan; Ziebarth, Nicolas
2016 Protecting working-age people with disabilities: experiences of four industrialized nationsBurkhauser, Richard V.; Daly, Mary C.; Ziebarth, Nicolas
2017 Introducing risk adjustment and free health plan choice in employer-based health insurance: Evidence from GermanyPilny, Adam; Wübker, Ansgar; Ziebarth, Nicolas
2018 Labor market effects of U.S. sick pay mandatesPichler, Stefan; Ziebarth, Nicolas
2018 The health effects of smoking bans: Evidence from German hospitalization dataKvasnicka, Michael; Siedler, Thomas; Ziebarth, Nicolas