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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999 Unemployment duration in a non-stationary macroeconomic environmentRøed, Knut; Zhang, Tao
1999 What hides behind the rate of unemployment? Micro evidence from NorwayRøed, Knud; Zhang, Tao
2000 A note on the Weibull distribution and time aggregation biasRøed, Knut; Zhang, Tao
2000 Labour market transitions and economic incentivesRøed, Knut; Zhang, Tao
2002 Business cycles and the impact of labour market programmesRaaum, Oddbjørn; Torp, Hege; Zhang, Tao
2002 The duration and outcome of unemployment spells: The role of economic incentivesRøed, Knut; Zhang, Tao
2002 Do individual programme effects exceed the costs? Norwegian evidence on long run effects of labour market trainingRaaum, Oddbjørn; Torp, Hege; Zhang, Tao
2003 A Monte Carlo study on non-parametric estimation of duration models with unobserved heterogeneityZhang, Tao
2003 Identifying treatment effects of active labour market programmes for Norwegian adultsZhang, Tao
2005 Time and causility: A Monte Carlo assessment of the timing-of-events approachGaure, Simen; Røed, Knut; Zhang, Tao
2006 The determinants of occupational pensionsHernæs, Erik; Piggott, John; Zhang, Tao; Strøm, Steinar
2010 Estimation of heterogeneous treatment effects on hazard ratesGaure, Simen; Røed, Knut; van den Berg, Gerard J.; Zhang, Tao
2011 Is corporate social responsibility associated with lower wages?Nyborg, Karine; Zhang, Tao
2012 Agglomeration and Exports with Heterogeneous Firms: Evidence from Chinese Firm-level and County-level DataSun, Churen; Yu, Zhihao; Zhang, Tao
2013 The impact of minimum wage on the spatial distribution of exporting hazard rate: The empirical research using the data from the annual survey of Chinese industrial firms over the period 1998-2007Zhao, Ruili; Sun, Churen; Zhang, Tao
2014 An extended single index model with missing response at randomWang, Qihua; Zhang, Tao; Härdle, Wolfgang Karl
2014 The cleansing effect of minimum wages - Minimum wages, firm dynamics and aggregate productivity in ChinaPoncet, Sandra; Mayneris, Florian; Zhang, Tao
2018 Improving or Disappearing: Firm-Level Adjustments to Minimum Wages in ChinaMayneris, Florian; Poncet, Sandra; Zhang, Tao
2019 The Norwegian Pension Reform in 2011: The Long Term Impact on Take-up of Pension and Labor SupplyHernæs, Erik; Strøm, Steinar; Zhang, Tao
2019 The long and winding road: Labour market integration of refugees in NorwayHardoy, Inés; Zhang, Tao