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1998 The performance of innovation networks in transition economies: An empirical study of SloveniaBross, Ulrike; Zenker, Andrea
1999 The regional embeddedness of small manufacturing and service firms: regional networking as knowledge source for innovation?Koschatzky, Knut; Zenker, Andrea
2000 Regionale Verteilung von Innovations- und Technologiepotentialen in Deutschland und Europa: Endbericht an das Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung. Referat Z 25 - Kurzfassung der ProjektergebnisseKoschatzky, Knut; Muller, Emmanuel; Zenker, Andrea; Eickelpasch, Alexander; Pfeiffer, Ingo; Dohse, Dirk; Bode, Eckhardt; Gehrke, Birgit; Legler, Harald; Schmidt, Jörg
2001 Business services as actors of knowledge transformation and diffusion: some empirical findings on the role of KIBS in regional and national innovation systemsMuller, Emmanuel; Zenker, Andrea
2006 A regional typology of innovation capacities in new member States & candidate countriesMuller, Emmanuel; Jappe-Heinze, Arlette; Héraud, Jean-Alain; Zenker, Andrea
2008 Services à forte intensité de connaissances, contexte régional et comportements d'innovation: une comparaison internationaleDoloreux, David; Zenker, Andrea; Muller, Emmanuel
2009 France: innovation system and innovation policyMuller, Emmanuel; Zenker, Andrea; Héraud, Jean-Alain
2009 Entering the KIBS' black box: there must be an angel! (or is there something like a knowledge angel?)Muller, Emmanuel; Zenker, Andrea; Héraud, Jean-Alain
2011 La mesure de l'impact des clusters: Quelques éléments de réflexion et de bibliographieMuller, Emmanuel; Héraud, Jean-Alain; Menz, Nina; Benaim, Mickael; Zenker, Andrea
2013 Regional autonomy with regard to innovation policy: A differentiated illustration of the European status quoBaier, Elisabeth; Kroll, Henning; Zenker, Andrea
2013 Templates of smart specialisation: Experiences of place-based regional development strategies in Germany and AustriaBaier, Elisabeth; Kroll, Henning; Zenker, Andrea
2014 The role of associations in regional innovation systemsKoschatzky, Knut; Schnabl, Esther; Zenker, Andrea; Stahlecker, Thomas; Kroll, Henning
2014 From smart concept to challenging practice: How European regions deal with the Commission's request for novel innovation strategiesKroll, Henning; Muller, Emmanuel; Schnabl, Esther; Zenker, Andrea
2016 Opening up the innovation system framework towards new actors and institutionsWarnke, Philine; Koschatzky, Knut; Dönitz, Ewa; Zenker, Andrea; Stahlecker, Thomas; Som, Oliver; Cuhls, Kerstin; Güth, Sandra