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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001p values and alternative boundaries for CUSUM testsZeileis, Achim
2001Strucchange: An R package for testing for structural change in linear regression modelsZeileis, Achim; Leisch, Friedrich; Hornik, Kurt; Kleiber, Christian
2002Testing and dating of structural changes in practiceZeileis, Achim; Kleiber, Christian; Krämer, Walter; Hornik, Kurt
2002Monitoring structural change in dynamic econometric modelsZeileis, Achim; Leisch, Friedrich; Kleiber, Christian; Hornik, Kurt
2004Validating multiple structural change models : A case studyKleiber, Christian; Zeileis, Achim
2006Bias in random forest variable importance measures: illustrations, sources and a solutionStrobl, Carolin; Boulesteix, Anne-Laure; Zeileis, Achim; Hothorn, Torsten
2010Reproducible Econometric SimulationsKleiber, Christian; Zeileis, Achim
2011Structural Breaks in Inflation Dynamics within the European Monetary UnionWindberger, Thomas; Zeileis, Achim
2011evtree: Evolutionary Learning of Globally Optimal Classification and Regression Trees in RGrubinger, Thomas; Zeileis, Achim; Pfeiffer, Karl-Peter
2011Why Does It Always Rain on Me? A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Precipitation in AustriaUmlauf, Nikolaus; Mayr, Georg; Messner, Jakob; Zeileis, Achim
2011Generalized Measurement Invariance Tests with Application to Factor AnalysisMerkle, Edgar C.; Zeileis, Achim
2011Flexible Rasch Mixture Models with Package psychomixFrick, Hannah; Strobl, Carolin; Leisch, Friedrich; Zeileis, Achim
2011Reproducible Econometric SimulationsKleiber, Christian; Zeileis, Achim
2011A new method for detecting differential item functioning in the Rasch modelStrobl, Carolin; Kopf, Julia; Zeileis, Achim
2011Extended Beta Regression in R: Shaken, Stirred, Mixed, and PartitionedGrün, Bettina; Kosmidis, Ioannis; Zeileis, Achim
2011Near Real-Time Disturbance Detection in Terrestrial Ecosystems Using Satellite Image Time Series: Drought Detection in SomaliaVerbesselt, Jan; Zeileis, Achim; Herold, Martin
2012Heterogeneity of Regional Growth in the European UnionWagner, Martin; Zeileis, Achim
2012Flexible Generation of E-Learning Exams in R: Moodle Quizzes, OLAT Assessments, and BeyondZeileis, Achim; Umlauf, Nikolaus; Leisch, Friedrich
2012Structured Additive Regression Models: An R Interface to BayesXUmlauf, Nikolaus; Adler, Daniel; Kneib, Thomas; Lang, Stefan; Zeileis, Achim
2012Testing for Measurement Invariance with Respect to an Ordinal VariableMerkle, Edgar C.; Fan, Jinyan; Zeileis, Achim