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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1998 Determinants of recent immigrants' locational choicesZavodny, Madeline
1998 The effects of official English laws on limited-English-proficient workersZavodny, Madeline
1998 Is the male marriage premium due to selection? The effect of shotgun weddings on the return to marriageGinther, Donna; Zavodny, Madeline
2000 The effect of Medicaid eligibility expansions on birthsBitler, Marianne; Zavodny, Madeline
2000 Technology and job retention among young adults, 1980-98Zavodny, Madeline
2000 Determinants of Immigrant Selectivity and SkillsZavodny, Madeline
2000 Explaining changes in the age distribution of displaced workersRodriguez, Daniel; Zavodny, Madeline
2000 Does it take two? The effect of partners' characteristics on teenage pregnancyZavodny, Madeline
2001 Self-selection among undocumented immigrants from MexicoOrrenius, Pia M.; Zavodny, Madeline
2001 Family structure and sex differences in postdisplacement outcomesRodriguez, Daniel; Zavodny, Madeline
2001 Do amnesty programs encourage illegal immigration? Evidence from the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA)Orrenius, Pia M.; Zavodny, Madeline
2002 Gender and the InternetOno, Hiroshi; Zavodny, Madeline
2002 Is there a gender gap in internet usage?Ono, Hiroshi; Zavodny, Madeline
2002 Race, Internet usage, and E-commerceOno, Hiroshi; Zavodny, Madeline
2002 The impact of welfare reform on marriage and divorceBitler, Marianne P.; Gelbach, Jonah B.; Hoynes, Hilary W.; Zavodny, Madeline
2003 Does the Beige Book move financial markets?Zavodny, Madeline; Ginther, Donna K.
2003 Does immigration affect wages? A look at occupation-level evidenceOrrenius, Pia M.; Zavodny, Madeline
2003 Race, wages, and assimilation among Cuban immigrantsZavodny, Madeline
2004 What are the consequences of an amnesty for undocumented immigrants?Orrenius, Pia M.; Zavodny, Madeline
2004 Gender differences in information technology usage: a U.S.-Japan comparisonOno, Hiroshi; Zavodny, Madeline