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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2003Trade advantages and specialisation dynamics in acceding countriesZaghini, Andrea
2004Monetary policy shocks in the euro area and global liquidity spilloversSousa, João; Zaghini, Andrea
2005Monetary Policy Predictability in the Euro Area: An International ComparisonWilhelmsen, Bjørn-Roger; Zaghini, Andrea
2005Monetary policy predictability in the euro area: an international comparisonWilhelmsen, Bjørn-Roger; Zaghini, Andrea
2006Non-linear dynamics in the euro area demand for M1Calza, Alessandro; Zaghini, Andrea
2006Global monetary policy shocks in the G5: A SVAR approachSousa, Joao Miguel; Zaghini, Andrea
2007Excess money growth and inflation dynamicsRoffia, Barbara; Zaghini, Andrea
2007Gradualism, transparency and improved operational framework: A look at the overnight volatility transmissionColarossi, Silvio; Zaghini, Andrea
2008Increasing public expenditures: Wagner's law in OECD countriesLamartina, Serena; Zaghini, Andrea
2010Sectoral money demand and the great disinflation in the USCalza, Alessandro; Zaghini, Andrea
2011Welfare costs of inflation and the circulation of US currency abroadCalza, Alessandro; Zaghini, Andrea
2013The cost of firms' debt financingPianeselli, Daniele; Zaghini, Andrea
2014Bank bonds: Size, systemic relevance and the sovereignZaghini, Andrea
2014Everything you always wanted to know about systemic importance (but were afraid to ask)Alessandri, Piergiorgio; Masciantonio, Sergio; Zaghini, Andrea
2015Shoe-leather costs in the euro area and the foreign demand for euro banknotesCalza, Alessandro; Zaghini, Andrea
2015Financial shocks and the real economy in a nonlinear world: From theory to estimationSilvestrini, Andrea; Zaghini, Andrea
2016Fragmentation and heterogeneity in the euro-area corporate bond market: Back to normal?Zaghini, Andrea
2019Unconventional monetary policy and corporate bond issuanceDe Santis, Roberto A.; Zaghini, Andrea
2019The CSPP at work: Yield heterogeneity and the portfolio rebalancing channelZaghini, Andrea
2021The Covid pandemic in the market: Infected, immune and cured bondsZaghini, Andrea