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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 An experimental investigation of why individuals conformZafar, Basit
2009 College major choice and the gender gapZafar, Basit
2010 Double majors: One for me, one for the parents?Zafar, Basit
2010 Bayesian social learning, conformity, and stubbornness: Evidence from the AP Top 25Stone, Daniel F.; Zafar, Basit
2010 Can subjective expectations data be used in choice models? Evidence on cognitive biasesZafar, Basit
2011 Inflation expectations and behavior: Do survey respondents act on their beliefs?Armantier, Olivier; Bruine de Bruin, Wändi; Topa, Giorgio; van der Klaauw, Wilbert; Zafar, Basit
2011 Household debt and saving during the 2007 recessionChakrabarti, Rajashri; Lee, Donghoon; van der Klaauw, Wilbert; Zafar, Basit
2011 Belief updating among college students: Evidence from experimental variation in informationWiswall, Matthew; Zafar, Basit
2011 Stereotypes and madrassas: Experimental evidence from PakistanDelavande, Adeline; Zafar, Basit
2011 Determinants of college major choice: Identification using an information experimentWiswall, Matthew; Zafar, Basit
2012 The price is right: Updating of inflation expectations in a randomized price information experimentArmantier, Olivier; Nelson, Scott; Topa, Giorgio; van der Klaauw, Wilbert; Zafar, Basit
2012 Heterogeneous inflation expectations, learning, and market outcomesMadeira, Carlos; Zafar, Basit
2012 How deeply held are anti-American attitudes among Pakistani youth? Evidence using experimental variation in informationDelavande, Adeline; Zafar, Basit
2013 The impact of housing markets on consumer debt: Credit report evidence from 1999 to 2012Brown, Meta; Stein, Sarah; Zafar, Basit
2013 Preferences and biases in educational choices and labor market expectations: Shrinking the black box of genderReuben, Ernesto; Wiswall, Matthew; Zafar, Basit
2013 Financial education and the debt behavior of the youngBrown, Meta; van der Klaauw, Wilbert; Wen, Jaya; Zafar, Basit
2013 Gender discrimination and social identity: Experimental evidence from urban PakistanDelavande, Adeline; Zafar, Basit
2013 A boost in the paycheck: Survey evidence on workers' response to the 2011 payroll tax cutsGraziani, Grant; van der Klaauw, Wilbert; Zafar, Basit
2013 Preferences and Biases in Educational Choices and Labor Market Expectations: Shrinking the Black Box of GenderReuben, Ernesto; Wiswall, Matthew; Zafar, Basit
2014 Information heterogeneity and intended college enrollmentBleemer, Zachary; Zafar, Basit