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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2011 Dancing with the Dragon Heads: Enforcement, Innovations and Efficiency of Contracts between Agricultural Processors and Farmers in ChinaYu, Xiaohua; Abler, David; Peng, Chao
2011 Consumer Demand for Healthy Diet: New Evidence from the Healthy Eating IndexGao, Zhifeng; Yu, Xiaohua; Lee, Jonq-Ying
2011 The Quality Gravity Model with an Application to Chinese Imported FruitsTian, Xu; Yu, Xiaohua
2011 Climate Change and Production Risk in Chinese AquacultureHolst, Rainer; Yu, Xiaohua
2011 World Food Prices after WTO Foundation: Deterministic and Non-deterministic Factors in ProductionMeyer, Stefan; Yu, Xiaohua
2011 Consumer Willingness to Pay for Preservative-Free Food: The Case of BeijingYu, Xiaohua; Zeng, Yinchu; Liu, Yuanyuan
2011 Applying the payment card approach to estimate the WTP for green food in ChinaTian, Xu; Yu, Xiaohua; Holst, Rainer
2011 Machinery investment decision and off-farm employment in rural ChinaJi, Yueqing; Zhong, Funing; Yu, Xiaohua
2011 Climate Change, Risk and Grain Production in ChinaHolst, Rainer; Yu, Xiaohua; GrĂ¼n, Carola
2012 The Enigmas of TFP in China: A Meta-AnalysisTian, Xu; Yu, Xiaohua
2012 A Simple Approach to Specifying the Weights of the HDI IndexYu, Xiaohua
2012 Estimating transport costs and trade barriers in China: Direct evidence from Chinese agricultural tradersLi, Zhigang; Yu, Xiaohua; Zeng, Yinchu; Holst, Rainer
2014 Dynamic food demand in Urban ChinaZhou, De; Yu, Xiaohua; Herzfeld, Thomas
2014 Can willingness-to-pay values be manipulated? Evidence from an experiment on organic food in ChinaYu, Xiaohua; Yan, Binjian; Gao, Zhifeng
2014 Projecting meat and cereals demand for China based on a meta-analysis of income elasticitiesZhou, De; Yu, Xiaohua; Abler, David; Chen, Danhong
2014 Calorie elasticities with income dynamics: Evidence from the literatureZhou, De; Yu, Xiaohua
2015 Matching food with mouths: A statistical explanation to the abnormal decline of per capita food consumption in rural ChinaYu, Xiaohua; Abler, David
2016 The impact of food prices on household welfare and poverty in rural TanzaniaMbegalo, Tukae; Yu, Xiaohua
2016 Measure consumer preferences for pork attributes under different coverage in ChinaYan, Zhen; Yu, Xiaohua; Zhou, Jiehoung
2018 A latent class analysis of the demand for food diversity in IndiaSteffen, Christoph; Yu, Xiaohua