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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Government size and trustYamamura, Eiji
2010 Different effects of social capital on health status among residents: evidence from modern JapanYamamura, Eiji
2011 Corruption and Fertility: Evidence from OECD countriesYamamura, Eiji
2011 Influence of age of child on differences in marital satisfaction of males and females in East Asian countriesYamamura, Eiji; Andrés, Antonio R.
2011 Death Caused By Natural Disasters: The Role Of Ethnic HeterogeneityYamamura, Eiji
2012 Government transparency and expenditure in the rent-seeking industry: The case of Japan for 1998–2004Yamamura, Eiji; Kondoh, Haruo
2012 Decomposition of ethnic heterogeneity on growthYamamura, Eiji; Shin, Inyong
2012 Effects of siblings and birth order on income redistribution preferences: Evidence based on Japanese General Social SurveyYamamura, Eiji
2012 Death tolls from natural disasters: Influence of interactions among fiscal decentralization, institutions and economic developmentYamamura, Eiji
2012 Smokers’ sexual behavior and their satisfaction with family lifeYamamura, Eiji
2012 Influence of age of child on differences in life satisfaction of males and females: A comparative study among East Asian countriesYamamura, Eiji; Rodriguez Andres, Antonio
2013 Public sector corruption and the probability of technological disastersYamamura, Eiji
2013 Trial experience, satisfaction and incentive to bring another lawsuit: Does aspiration level influence winners and losers?Yamamura, Eiji
2013 Natural disasters and social capital formation: The impact of the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquakeYamamura, Eiji
2013 Impact of natural disaster on public sector corruptionYamamura, Eiji
2014 Social norms on rent seeking and preferences for redistributionSabatini, Fabio; Sarracino, Francesco; Yamamura, Eiji
2014 Superstars in politics: the role of the media in the rise and success of Junichiro KoizumiYamamura, Eiji; Sabatini, Fabio
2014 Trust and happiness: Comparative study before and after the Great East Japan EarthquakeYamamura, Eiji; Tsutsui, Yoshiro; Yamane, Chisako; Yamane, Shoko; Powdthavee, Nattavudh
2014 Effect of major disasters on geographical mobility intentions: The case of the Fukushima nuclear accidentYamamura, Eiji; Tsutsui, Yoshiro; Yamane, Chisako; Yamane, Shoko
2014 Comparing the influence of conflict on the perceptions of rich and poor: Testing the hypothesis of Acemoglu and RobinsonYamamura, Eiji