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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Government size and trustYamamura, Eiji
2010 Different effects of social capital on health status among residents: evidence from modern JapanYamamura, Eiji
2011 Death Caused By Natural Disasters: The Role Of Ethnic HeterogeneityYamamura, Eiji
2011 Influence of age of child on differences in marital satisfaction of males and females in East Asian countriesYamamura, Eiji; Andrés, Antonio R.
2011 Corruption and Fertility: Evidence from OECD countriesYamamura, Eiji
2012 Effects of siblings and birth order on income redistribution preferences: Evidence based on Japanese General Social SurveyYamamura, Eiji
2012 Government transparency and expenditure in the rent-seeking industry: The case of Japan for 1998–2004Yamamura, Eiji; Kondoh, Haruo
2012 Death tolls from natural disasters: Influence of interactions among fiscal decentralization, institutions and economic developmentYamamura, Eiji
2012 Smokers’ sexual behavior and their satisfaction with family lifeYamamura, Eiji
2012 Decomposition of ethnic heterogeneity on growthYamamura, Eiji; Shin, Inyong
2012 Influence of age of child on differences in life satisfaction of males and females: A comparative study among East Asian countriesYamamura, Eiji; Rodriguez Andres, Antonio
2013 Public sector corruption and the probability of technological disastersYamamura, Eiji
2013 Natural disasters and social capital formation: The impact of the Great Hanshin-Awaji earthquakeYamamura, Eiji
2013 Trial experience, satisfaction and incentive to bring another lawsuit: Does aspiration level influence winners and losers?Yamamura, Eiji
2013 Impact of natural disaster on public sector corruptionYamamura, Eiji
2014 Superstars in politics: the role of the media in the rise and success of Junichiro KoizumiYamamura, Eiji; Sabatini, Fabio
2014 Social norms on rent seeking and preferences for redistributionSabatini, Fabio; Sarracino, Francesco; Yamamura, Eiji
2014 Comparing the influence of conflict on the perceptions of rich and poor: Testing the hypothesis of Acemoglu and RobinsonYamamura, Eiji
2014 Effect of major disasters on geographical mobility intentions: The case of the Fukushima nuclear accidentYamamura, Eiji; Tsutsui, Yoshiro; Yamane, Chisako; Yamane, Shoko
2014 Trust and happiness: Comparative study before and after the Great East Japan EarthquakeYamamura, Eiji; Tsutsui, Yoshiro; Yamane, Chisako; Yamane, Shoko; Powdthavee, Nattavudh