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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Trading costs of public investors with obligatory and voluntary market-making: Evidence from market reformsNaik, Narayan Y.; Yadav, Pradeep K.
2004 Strategic trading behavior and price distortion in a manipulated market: Anatomy of a squeezeMerrick, John J.; Naik, Narayan Y.; Yadav, Pradeep K.
2007 Corporate governance in IndiaChakrabarti, Rajesh; Megginson, William L.; Yadav, Pradeep K.
2009 The information content of implied volatilities and model-free volatility expectations: Evidence from options written on individual stocksTaylor, Stephen J.; Yadav, Pradeep K.; Zhang, Yuanyuan
2009 Informed trading, information asymmetry and pricing of information risk: Empirical evidence from the NYSEYadav, Pradeep K.; Bardong, Florian; Bartram, Söhnke M.
2009 Naked short selling: The emperor`s new clothes?Yadav, Pradeep K.; Fotak, Veljko; Raman, Vikas
2009 Cross-sectional analysis of risk-neutral skewnessTaylor, Stephen J.; Yadav, Pradeep K.; Zhang, Yuanyuan
2009 Operating performance changes associated with corporate mergers and the role of corporate governanceCarline, Nicholas F.; Linn, Scott C.; Yadav, Pradeep K.
2014 Corporate governance and the nature of takeover resistanceCarline, Nicholas F.; Linn, Scott C.; Yadav, Pradeep K.
2015 Government ownership, informed trading, and private informationBorisova, Ginka; Yadav, Pradeep K.
2015 The pricing of different dimensions of liquidity: Evidence from government guaranteed bank bondsBlack, Jeffrey R.; Stock, Duane; Yadav, Pradeep K.
2015 Dealer spreads in the corporate bond market: Agent vs. market-making rolesEderington, Louis; Guan, Wei; Yadav, Pradeep K.
2015 Resiliency: A dynamic view of liquidityKempf, Alexander; Mayston, Daniel; Gehde-Trapp, Monika; Yadav, Pradeep K.