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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Socioeconomic heritage and rapid firm growthWyrwich, Michael
2010 New business formation and regional growth across regions with distinct initial industry structuresWyrwich, Michael
2010 Regional Entrepreneurial Heritage in a Socialist and Post-socialist EconomyWyrwich, Michael
2011 Coping with the market: Are there cohort effects for organisations in transition?Wyrwich, Michael; Krause, Ina
2011 Knowledge intensive Entrepreneurship across regions: Makes being a new industry a difference?Wyrwich, Michael
2012 The long persistence of regional entrepreneurship culture: Germany 1925 - 2005Fritsch, Michael; Wyrwich, Michael
2012 How much of a socialist legacy? The reemergence of entrepreneurship in the East German transformation to a market economyFritsch, Michael; Bublitz, Elisabeth; Rusakova, Alina; Wyrwich, Michael
2012 The Long Persistence of Regional Entrepreneurship Culture: Germany 1925-2007Fritsch, Michael; Wyrwich, Michael
2012 The long persistence of regional entrepreneurship culture: Germany 1925 - 2005Fritsch, Michael; Wyrwich, Michael
2013 In the name of my parents: Entrepreneurship and the intergenerational transmission of valuesWyrwich, Michael
2013 Ready, set, go!: Why are some regions entrepreneurial jump-starters?Wyrwich, Michael
2013 Balanced skills and the city: An analysis of the relationship between entrepreneurial skill balance, thickness and innovationBublitz, Elisabeth; Fritsch, Michael; Wyrwich, Michael
2014 The effect of regional entrepreneurship culture on economic development: Evidence for GermanyFritsch, Michael; Wyrwich, Michael
2015 Differences in female labor force participation in East and West Germany: Socialist legacy and pre-socialist traditionWyrwich, Michael
2015 Does persistence in start-up activity reflect persistence in social capital?Fritsch, Michael; Wyrwich, Michael
2015 The persistence of regional entrepreneurship: Are all types of self-employment equally important?Fritsch, Michael; Wyrwich, Michael
2016 Historical shocks and persistence of economic activity: Evidence from a unique natural experimentFritsch, Michael; Sorgner, Alina; Wyrwich, Michael; Zazdravnykh, Evguenii
2016 Entrepreneurship in the East German transition process: Lessons for the Korean PeninsulaFritsch, Michael; Wyrwich, Michael
2016 An evaluation of German active labor market policies and its entrepreneurship promotionZöllner, Moritz; Fritsch, Michael; Wyrwich, Michael
2017 TV and entrepreneurshipSlavtchev, Viktor; Wyrwich, Michael