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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2008 Determinants of inter-country internet diffusion ratesWunnava, Phanindra V.; Leiter, Daniel B.
2008 Testing mundell's intuition of endogenous OCA theoryWarin, Thierry; Wunnava, Phanindra V.; Janicki, Hubert P.
2009 Southern African economic integration: evidence from an augmented gravity modelWarin, Thierry; Wunnava, Phanindra V.; Tengia, Optat; Wandschneider, Kirsten
2009 Small business economics of the Lakota Fund on the Native American Indian reservationBenson, David A.; Lies, Aaron; Okunade, Albert A.; Wunnava, Phanindra V.
2011 Financial liberalization and the brain drain: A panel data analysisMitra, Aniruddha; Bang, James T.; Wunnava, Phanindra V.
2011 Alumni giving of business executives to the alma mater: Panel data evidence at a large metropolitan research universityOkunade, Albert A.; Wunnava, Phanindra V.
2012 Globalization, institutions, and the ethnic divide: Recent longitudinal evidenceWunnava, Phanindra V.; Mitra, Aniruddha; Prasch, Robert E.
2012 Recent longitudinal evidence of size and union threat effects across gendersWunnava, Phanindra V.
2013 Financial Liberalization and Remittances: Recent Longitudinal EvidenceBang, James T.; Mitra, Aniruddha; Wunnava, Phanindra V.
2014 The Effect of Access to Information and Communication Technology on Household Labor Income: Evidence from One Laptop Per Child in UruguayMarandino, Joaquin; Wunnava, Phanindra V.
2015 Is There a Link Between Employer-Provided Health Insurance and Job Mobility? Evidence from Recent Micro DataChute, Benjamin W.; Wunnava, Phanindra V.
2016 Help Not Wanted: The Dismal Science of Youth Unemployment's Scarring EffectGlatt, Jordan; Wunnava, Phanindra V.
2017 Active Ingredients: Exploring the Key Factors Affecting the Rising Cost of Developing New DrugsFossett, Sarah J.; Wunnava, Phanindra V.
2017 The effect of access to information and communication technology on household labor income: Evidence from one laptop per child in UruguayMarandino, Joaquin; Wunnava, Phanindra V.
2017 Firm Size and Union Threat Effects across Genders: Evidence from NLSY79Wunnava, Phanindra V.
2018 Hollowing Out the Middle? Remittances and Income Inequality in NigeriaBang, James T.; Mitra, Aniruddha; Wunnava, Phanindra V.
2020 Feeling Richer and Happier? Self-Perceived Economic Welfare and Life Satisfaction: Evidence of ‘Easterlin Paradox' from Russian Longitudinal DataJin, Olivia S.; Wunnava, Phanindra V.