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2019Investment: What holds Romanian firms back?Pal, Rozalia; Wruuck, Patricia; Stamate, Amalia; Dumitrescu, Constantin Catalin
2019Skill shortages and skill mismatch in Europe: A review of the literatureBrunello, Giorgio; Wruuck, Patricia; Maurin, Laurent
2019Skill Shortages and Skill Mismatch in Europe: A Review of the LiteratureBrunello, Giorgio; Wruuck, Patricia
2020Employer Provided Training in Europe: Determinants and ObstaclesBrunello, Giorgio; Wruuck, Patricia
2020Investing for a Greener, Competitive and Socially Inclusive EuropeRevoltella, Debora; Wruuck, Patricia
2020Financing constraints and employers' investment in trainingBrunello, Giorgio; Gereben, Áron; Weiss, Christoph; Wruuck, Patricia
2020Financing Constraints and Employers' Investment in TrainingBrunello, Giorgio; Gereben, Áron; Weiss, Christoph T.; Wruuck, Patricia
2020Employer provided training in Europe: Determinants and obstaclesBrunello, Giorgio; Wruuck, Patricia
2021Towards a new growth model in CESEE: Convergence and competitiveness through smart, green and inclusive investmentGereben, Áron; Wruuck, Patricia
2022Corporate training and skill gaps: Did Covid-19 stem EU convergence in training investments?Pouliakas, Konstantinos; Wruuck, Patricia
2022Corporate Training and Skill Gaps: Did COVID-19 Stem EU Convergence in Training Investments?Pouliakas, Konstantinos; Wruuck, Patricia
2023Advanced digital technologies and investment in employee training: Complements or substitutes?Brunello, Giorgio; Rückert, Désirée; Weiss, Christoph; Wruuck, Patricia
2023Advanced Digital Technologies and Investment in Employee Training: Complements or Substitutes?Brunello, Giorgio; Rückert, Désirée; Weiss, Christoph T.; Wruuck, Patricia